Netizen KO’s Manny Pacquiao’s “brilliant” idea that makes it possible for private sector to raise salaries of their employees

On the need to review the Labor Code and RA 6727 or the Wage rationalization Act, Senator Manny Pacquiao admitted that it would put the private companies, employers at a huge disadvantage. However, Pacquiao believed it is the government who needs to adjust. How? Lower the taxes for private companies and employers to spare them the trouble. Instead of paying for the taxes, they can use their savings to because of the lower taxes to pay for the salary increase of their employees.

On that note, VOVph easily shredded Manny Pacquiao’s logic in bringing down the taxes to allow the private companies and employers to increase the salaries of their employees. The question from VOVph is: If elected President, Where will Manny get the money to fund for all his lofty promises? Remember he also promised to increase the salary of teachers, nurses? Not to mention his free education. If I may add, Manny also made a promise to build houses for all homeless Filipinos. Does it mean Manny will box everyday? Use his fight purse to fund the government?

With that kind of thinking, VOVph said that Manny does not even qualify for Barangay Kagawad.

Lower Tax.. Increase Salary ng Teachers Nurses etc.. May free education pa.. Saan nya daw kukunin pambabayad sa expenditures ng gobyerno? Mag boxing siya araw2x? Maski brgy kagawad di ka kapasa mane.

Here are some of the comments of netizens.

What do you expect from Mr. Pacquiao???? That’s the limit of his brain 🧠… 😂😂😂😂 wrote one netizen.

Another netizen joked that the Bisaya community is donating Manny to the Tagalogs.

On behalf of the Bisaya community, among ihatag si many sa mga Tagalog.😅

This netizen lectured Pacquiao that taxes are the lifeblood of government. Without it, it cannot finance basic social services and infrastructures like BBB. The netizen quipped that he thought Manny is a politician but turned out, he is also a carpenter. Like carpenters, Pacquiao likes to make promises and his promises will likely end up literally and figuratively speaking being nailed down… Going nowhere.

What can you expect from a person who earn a degree in just darn 3 months. Taxes are the lifeblood of the government. Revenues are used to finance basic social services vital to citizens needs. It also used to fund infrastructures. If you lower the taxes, spending will exceed the funds which will not be sufficient to finance the expenses then budget becomes deficit. Baka kulangin ka sa pambayad ng sweldo ng government employees ( like teachers, Basurero..).Akala namin politiko ka lang pero Parang Karpintero ka rin na mahilig mangako at baka yan ay mapapako🤣🤣🤣


Source: VOVph

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