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Netizen lambast Mar Roxas’s comic book “Sa Gitna ng Unos” for portraying the latter as the hero of Yolanda

Mar Roxas hero ng Yolanda

Mar Roxas hero ng Yolanda

A post lambasting the Mar Roxas camp for having the gall to project the former as the hero of Tacloban during the Yolanda aftermath has been doing the rounds online.

Sa Gitna ng Unos ( Si Mar Roxas ang bayani ng Yolanda)

In a Facebook post shared more than 330 times, a netizen wrote an articulate rebuttal to the propaganda via a comic book entitled “‘Si Gitna ng Unos” apparently meant to deodorize the image of Mar Roxas which has been damaged beyond repair for mishandling the preparation of the national government before typhoon Yolanda made the landfall in Tacloban.

Likewise, the netizen also condemned the post-Yolanda efforts of the national government headed by no less than Mar Roxas as the DILG chief.

Please read the full text below.

Thousands of People died and Mar Roxas thinks he’s a real Hero… What is wrong with you?

The netizen chided Roxas for boasting during the debate of how he put his in life in the face danger during the Yolanda preparations and post Yolanda search and rescue operations when the realities says otherwise.

Why boast during the debate that you was there in Tacloban Before, During and Aftermath of Typhoon YOLANDA? When you in fact failed big time in the following:


1. Failed to research about Category 5 Typhoon
2. Failed to properly educate/inform/communicate all people about the danger.
3. Failed to convince people to evacuate.
4. Failed to bring SATELLITE phones & short wave radio.
5. Failed to Prepare/Plan and bring SUSTENANCE, FUEL, GENERATOR, EMERGENCY LIGHTS, etc.
6. Failed to bring MMDA, PNP, AFP transport or vehicles to help in evacuation/moving people in safer location.
7. Failed to bring an expert PAG-ASA


1. Failed to provide protection or solid evacuation shelter
2. Failed to maintain line communication


1. Failed to restore order & direction.
2. Failed to provide quick response
3. Failed to organise
4. Failed to communicate
5. Failed to bring a whole batallion of Police/Military as first responders.
6. Failed to bring Doctors and Nurses in all the metro Manila.

Tama nandoon ka nga BEFORE, DURING and AFTERMATH of Typhoon Yolanda. Pero ano ang RESULTA? At naging EFFECTIVE ka ba? More than 10,000 casualties, chaos, panic, and looting because of:

1. Poor Research/Knowledge. He did not know the speed, intensity, and damage it can inflict.
2. Poor Preparation/Planning
3. Poor Communication (no satellite phone)
4. Poor/Slow Response
5. Mis-used emergency Funds or pocketed Donations for the victim
6. Poor Organization

Mar must have thought his presence alone can make things better. And conducting meetings in Tacloban is not risking your life or maybe your life wasn’t worth anything Mar Roxas Because you accomplished NOTHING.

Link’s below is my Study and Suggestions (5yrs. ago) for Climate Change Adaptation, Disaster Risk Reduction, Preparedness and Flooding which our President (Noynoy Aquino) & Government ignored or simply did not care understand. But after experiencing numerous disaster every year with increasing no. of death, casualties & damages (Ondoy, Sendong, Pablo, Yolanda) – recently our Government (MMDA, NDRRC, Dinky Soliman DSWD & Napoleon Nazareno NTC) is now slowly implementing and copying my no.1 recommendation in my presentation:


To avoid PANIC, LOOTING & CHAOSit is necessary to convey messages or instructions BEFORE, DURING & AFTER any disaster. It is also vital to receive/transmit information & news in the community in times of crisis. And to warn occupants of impending danger.

Megastorm: Worlds Biggest Typhoon by limukohou

Thousands of People died and Mar Roxas think he's a real Hero… What is wrong with you? Why boast during the debate…

Posted by Dale Gozar on Sunday, March 27, 2016

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