Netizen laments hypocrisy of MSM for making Jillian Baguio incident a huge issue while paying little attention to BBM “flier throwing” incident

Krizette Chu of the Manila Bulletin said in jest that Jillian who was heckled is so “kawawa” (pitiful) and now it’s super big deal and super big news.

Chu, in a sarcastic tone, added that Kakampinks should make sure the Baguio City mayor and its people who were involved in the incident issue statements, specially the Igorot who was mistaken as an old lady turned out to be a “he”.

Chu joked that we should not pay attention to the BBM “flier throwing” incident perpetrated by a Kakampink. It was ok.

Here’s how netizens react:

One netizen commented that the Mayor of Baguio threw his constituents under the bus after apologizing to Jillian Robredo in behalf of the people of his city. [GMA News]

The mayor threw his constituents under the bus. That says a lot about him.

In light of the apology statement issued by the Baguio City mayor which turned to be premature, one netizen offered her advices to the people involved:

-Jillian should issue a statement correcting na hindi naman cya ang sinigawan
-The supporter who is involved must apologize
-Mayor Magalong should’ve checked first with his constituent and recall apology
-MSM who shared edited/fake/incorrect version of story should retract it
***but of course, suggestion ko lang yan kasi di ako diktador, sinasabi ko lang naisip ko na tamang gawin ok ✌️

Another netizen slammed the Mayor of Baguio and calling him spineless.

A spineless mayor who immediately issued an apology to a daughter of the VP instead of taking the side or just trying to listen to the side of his own constituent. Weak and typical bootlicking TraPo!!

Meanwhile, this netizen commented that Mayor Magalong is just scared of being cancelled.

Takot ma cancel si Magalong ng mga kakamputz, baka kasi wala nang kakampwetz na dadayo sa Baguio, mawalan sila ng kita sa turismo. Kala ko di siya papanig sa Pink dahil pinapawithdraw si Ping, takot pala siya sa pink. 😒

You may now read Krizette Chu’s original FB post below.

Kawawa naman si Jillian nasigawan, super big deal and super big news. Wawa baby girl. Make sure the Mayor and the Baguio City people who were involved issue statements. Make sure yung nanigaw mag issue ng statement.

Yung tinapunan ng fliers ang mukha ni BBM ng isang giant na Kakampota ok lang yun. Di na need pansinin.


Source: Krizette Chu

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