Netizen lashes at Kathryn Bernardo — Leave our children alone! Wag mo silang idamay sa problema nyo!

A Facebook post giving Kapamilya start Kathryn Bernardo a good scolding after her video urging the youth to speak amid the shutdown of the Kapamilya network goes mainstream.

In the video, the Kapamilya actress provoked the Filipino youths to express their sentiment against the Duterte government, “Sa mga kabataan, sana wag kayo matakot kasi kagaya nyo rin ako, natakot ako. Pero kung hindi kasi tayo magsalita ngayon, sino?”

Netizen Noel Landero Sarifa, a known Duterte supporter and FB blogger did not mince his words in his FB post to express one’s thoughts on the young actress’ message to the youth calling them to voice out their opinion without fear with regards to the shutdown of her second home, ABS-CBN.

Sarifa opened the FB post in an attack mode, telling the young actress to leave governance to the experts. He admitted though that the young actress can rant or speak up but at the same, she should learn how to respect our leaders.

“Kathryn! Leave this country to the experts! Yes you can rant, you can speak up but please learn how to respect the leaders of this land. What makes you think that children right now have better understanding of whats going on with our country? With our economy? Can the children interpret the law?”

Sarifa belittled Kathryn Bernardo’s knowledge of the law hence he believed she has no right to lecture the government leaders about the law. “Simpleng batas nga ng No Franchise, No broadcast hindi nyo nga maintindihan, ikumpara nyo pa sa rules ng classroom, and yong pag intindi nyo at paliwanag mas malabo pa sa tubig ng ilog Pasig.”

“Leave the law to the lawyers and the law makers. Let the government govern, the land! Encourage children to abide our laws and learn to respect the leaders, elected by the majority of the Filipino!” Sarifa added.

Sarifa remarked that Kathryn Bernardo and the youths have no right to talk about “orders and mandate” unless they know the Constitution like the palm of their hands. “Magsalita kayo against orders and mandate if you know the ins and outs of our constitution if you only understand the side of your company and only defend your job and your interest, do not promote rebellion! DO NOT ASK CHILDREN NOT TO FEAR THE GOVERNMENT AND THE LAW, Do not encourage children to speak up for you.”

“If you wanted to inherit a country with good citizens and law-abiding individuals start it with yourself!” Sarifa remarked.

Sarifa described what makes a good Filipino citizen to the young actress for her guidance. “It shall be the duty of every citizen to be loyal to the Republic of the Philippines, honor the Philippine Flag, defend the State, contribute to its development and welfare, uphold the Constitution and obey the LAWS, pay taxes, and COOPERATE with the duly ELECTED Leaders.”

Sarifa ended the FB post a stern warning to the young Kapamilya actress. “LEAVE OUR CHILDREN ALONE! WAG MO SILANG IDAMAY SA PROBLEMA NYO!”

You may watch the video of Kathryn Bernardo below.


Binasag na ni Kathryn Bernardo ang kanyang katahimikan tungkol sa isyu ng franchise renewal ng ABS-CBN.

Posted by News5 on Wednesday, May 13, 2020

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Source: Noel Sarifa

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