Netizen launches counter attack vs OtsoDiretso Erin Tanada who calls President Duterte ‘bad influence’?

A certain netizen named Doodz Gacuya has taken to Facebook defending President Duterte from a dilawan politician who called him a bad influence.

Gacuya was reacting to OtsoDerecho losing senatorial candidate Erin Tanada’s tweet expressing one’s sympathy to his kumare Sharon Cuneta & kumpare Kiko Pangilinan.

Tanada tweeted it’s the President who enables this kind of attitude & personality with crass, vulgar and threatening language. PDu30 is setting a bad example. What will he do if this happens to his daughters? Tanada asked.

In the FB post, Gacuya spared President Duterte from Tanada’s blame game. Yes, he agreed with Tanada’s description of the President but the bottomline he argued, President Duterte gets things done, period. He may have a foul mouth, uses vulgar language but he is a complete opposite of a weak leader in the person of Leni Robredo, Tanada’s ally, whom he described as ‘moronic’.

Gacuya heaped praises on President Duterte, describing him passionate, competent, hot-tempered, tough guy and unapologetic to corrupt like Tanada’s yellow party.

Gacuya also called President Duterte a realist, someone who can discipline, the criminals, the corrupt and the Oligarchs in the country.

‘Duterte is bad influence? Mr. Tanada, he may have a foul mouth, may be prideful & strict but he would die for his country just to get the job done. He has a vulgar language but passionate, unapologetic to corrupt like your yellow party but competent, crass and hot-tempered but rational, tough guy but well-educated. He’s not a weak like your moronic Leni. He is a vigorous leader who has the guts to enforce the law in a society that suffers from a malignant social cancer. He’s a realist leader who can discipline all the criminals, the corrupt like you, the lazy and uncaring free riders in a struggling society ruled by the oligarchs, elite and your [now defunct] yellow party.’

Gacuya put Tanada in the defensive mode by asking the latter if he is capable of leaving his comfort zone and do a Duterte? Gacuya then accused him and the dilawan party of resorting to black propaganda against the President because he is a threat to them, that they can’t beat Duterte’s iron fist. Why? Because they are stuck with moronic Leni who only has photo gimmicks or PR stunts as a way of gaining popularity though socmed in preparation for the next election? Gacuya called this ‘desperate’ and ‘irreverent acting’ which he doubted could make the public thinks of Duterte is incompetent, which is something all they all wish for.

‘Talking about morality. He gave up a life of comfort that he must be because he’s too old already but he still serves because of complacency to fight for his country. Are you like that too? With all the firing shots against him, it only goes to show that he is a threat to all your fvcking leadership. You can’t beat his iron fist. He has a mind of a 5-star General. Unlike your moronic Leni who only has photo gimmicks as way of gaining popularity through social media and next election, that’s desperate and irreverent acting to chew over biased media reporting and talking over her sugarcoated service that you all wish could possibly change how the Philippine society thinks of Duterte as incompetent.’

Gacuya remarked that Tanada’s comments on PRRD’s personality makes him think that Duterte’s fruits of achievements are far ahead from the dilawan who is lazy to do the hard work. To compensate for their shortcomings, they prefer to attack the President and hopefully pull him down. He promised the DDS will unmask the FB pages who are favorite of dilawans.

‘With your comments against his personality, it makes me think how ripe the fruits of his achievements far ahead from your party who is too lazy to climb and just prefer to throw stones at him instead. On the much brighter side, I’ve never seen a president with a very solid supporters from grassroots to the elite, something a disente can’t achieve in his lifetime. At this moment, your favorite page DDS confession is attacking Duterte with kamikaze tactic destroying him together with us DDS . We will unmask them. Because we all know that truth will prevail soonest.’

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Source: Doodz Gacuya 

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