Netizen napamura sa Customs dahil maliit na package galing South Korea, pinatungan ng 2K na buwis!

“When it rains, it really pours!” This line best describes the controversies hounding the Bureau of Customs for the past few months and there is no sign that this is going to stop soon.

Recently, a netizen from Pangasinan aired her disappointment with matching photo of the receipt from the Customs after dropping by at the Post Office to claim the package from her OFW cousin working in South Korea. Her excitement was replaced with disgust after going home empty handed.

She narrated that the package contains chocolates, a bag and two dresses, but was shocked to discover she owed 2,047.00 pesos. In her post, she tagged the sender to inform her that package remained at the Customs until dues are paid.

The netizen ended her post by saying, “Grabeng customs yan! Ang sarap magmura!”

The post has already generated more than 2K SHARES and hundreds of LIKES as of this writing and is expected to grow in a couple of days. You may check the screenshot of the post below:

Phoebe Luzano

Let us wait and see how the Customs will respond to this post.

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