Netizen offers golden nuggets of wisdom to Tokyo gold medalist Hidilyn Diaz who whines about financial woes while prepping for next Olympics

According to the report from PhilStar, Tokyo Olympian Hidilyn Diaz is financially-challenged despite winning gold in the 2020 Olympics.

Speaking to PhilStar, the Tokyo gold medalist said if ever she will participate in the Paris Olympics, they need to play in the qualifying. If ever she can qualify in the Olympics, going alone is not okay. Yes, she is competing alone but she needs her team when competing.

The PhilStar article about Hidilyn Diaz’s financial woes while preparing for the Olympics (Paris) did not take long to reach vlogger Edwin Jamora aka Reyna Elena, a US-based CPA (certified public accountant) from Sorsogon.

Jamora wasted no time and penned an open letter addressed to Tokyo Gold medalist Hidilyn Diaz to offer the Olympian golden nuggets of advices rather royal advices so that in the future, financial problem when competing in the Olympics and in life after retirement is a none issue.

Jamora ended the open letter by telling Hidilyn Diaz that these advices are all he can get from him.

You may now read Edwin Jamora’s open letter to Hidilyn Diaz to find out what advices he gave to the Olympian.

Dear Hidilyn,

Take my royal advice:

First – Go to school. Learn finance and marketing. How to market yourself. Since you have gold, you’re at an advantage. Don’t let others market yourself; they’ll simply sell you off for their own gains. Learn finance so you’d know how to manage your wealth.

Second – Learn how to social climb with the winners. Winners, friend winners. With that, more winners will join your network. You decided to align and attach yourself with the losers, and that’s not good branding. Look! You talk just like her! Detach yourself immediately! And stop having a picture with them!

Third – Clip your virtue-signalling.

Yan ang makuha mo! Tse!

Yerr welcome!

(pics stolen from Hedda Tady)


Source: Edwin Jamora

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