Netizen on meme hitting Liza Araneta Marcos – Like all other lies painted against the Marcoses, this won’t stick

A meme of Liza Araneta Marcos allegedly saying “They can’t afford me…” I’m so New York” has been making the rounds on social media, apparently from the supporters of the rivals of BBM, hoping this will bring down BBM.

The meme did not make a lot of BBM supporters very pleased, including US-based Bicolano accountant Edwin Jamora who wasted no time in calling this is as another black propaganda since all the issues they threw at BBM did not work. In desperation, BBM’s rivals who are lagging way, way behind all the surveys think attacking his wife may do the trick.

However, Jamora took to Facebook to break the bad news to the people behind the Liza Araneta Marcos meme that like all other lies concocted to pull BBM down, this won’t stick.

You may now read the comments of netizen and see what they think.

One netizen offered a context to the statement from Liza Araneta Marcos which was highlighted by BBM’s critics.

Mas mabuti kaysa epal at plastic. She is just being true to herself. Wala yang kyeme, yun ang so new york. Kahit nakapambahay lang yan, haharapin ka. Hindi nya kailangan magpa parlor. It is how she treats her students…donating her salaries to make sure they can review for the bar exams. Hindi pa sya asawa ni BBM, ginagawa nya na yan kahit sa classmates nya sa law school na alam nyang poor. Kahit sa sikat na law school, meron pong poor. Ang review class, di na kasali sa free.

Another netizen defended Liza Araneta Marcos.

That’s just a splice of the whole interview where she jokingly said that 🤦🏽‍♀️

This netizen lamented that critics highlighted that statement but leave out the good deed she did for her law students.

Yan ung hinalight nila pero ung hindi niya pagkuha ng sahod niya bilang law professor para magamit ng mga students niya pag matake na sila ng bar exam hindi nila pinick up why kc malalaman ng tao kung gaano kabait si atty Liza.. At ilang walang kayang students na kaya ang naging lawyer na ngaun dahil kay Atty Liza..

You may now read Edwin Jamora’s original FB post below.

Remember this, 40 years and counting of vilifying the Marcoses; they could not cancel them. BBM alone consistently leads the ratings. And because there’s only one month left to the coronation, ugly politics will continue to get even more hideous and nastier. Like the Estate Taxes that have nothing to do with BBM, now, they’re hitting Liza Araneta-Marcos, hoping that this will bring down BBM.

Like all other lies painted against the Marcoses, this won’t stick. Why? Because no matter how many lies they spread against the Marcoses, the truth keeps reasserting itself.


Source: Edwin Jamora

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