Netizen on Pacquiao eradicating corruption: “How naive for Manny to think and say he will solve the corruption problem in the Philippines”

“How naive for Manny to think and say he will solve the corruption problem in the Philippines.”

This is the initial reaction of entrepreneur and marketing consultant Carlo de Leon to Manny Pacquiao’s promise to eradicate corruption if and when he becomes the president.

De Leon remarked that past and incumbent presidents has failed to even do that.

“Duterte and many past presidents failed to eliminate corruption.”

De Leon enlightened Pacquiao about the other definition of corruption, not just accepting money as bribe by the government officials from private citizens or businesses. Worse, they are present no matter who sits as president.

“Corruption in government starts with an inefficient and ineffective government bureaucracy. It’s become deeply entrenched! A syndicate. A mafia. They are present no matter who the president is.”

De Leon posed this important question to Pacquiao to know if he has done his homework. Otherwise, he will have hard time making the public buy.

“The billion-dollar question is: how will you solve the problem of corruption, Manny? It’s not an easy sell to the Filipino people.”

By the way, De Leon was apparently reacting to Pacquiao’s statement that we need a leader who has the heart for the ordinary folks not some leader with the brain of a genius. You may check the graphics below to read Pacquiao’s statement.

Commenting on the thread, the first netizen disagreed with Pacquaio. “Yes, we already have a president with a brain and a heart.. our PRRD!!”

The 2nd netizen also thumbed down Pacquiao’s assertion: “Running for the presidency because you have a pure heart is not enough. You will also need to be smart and know how to deal with protecting your family. Perhaps when he becomes president, his family will enjoy the security provided by the psg. But is his will as strong when his family becomes prey to his manipulating cohorts. Think very very carefully Manny. This is different from becoming senator, or congressman. That’s the presidency. Baka mauna pa umakyat itlog mo s leeg. It takes more than just media courage. It takes real courage. Lahat ng nakalaban mo s loob ng ring mga professionals. Lahat ng kalaban mo sa pulitika alam mo na kung ano sila.

“really sen paqcuio, you can solve corruption and lahat ng pilipino mabibigyan mo ng bahay. Well lets seen…But let me remind you that this is not a boxing ring where upper cut jabb etc etc na cut cut or jab jab lang ang kailangan, 😂😵😳 commented the 3rd netizen.

“Hey Yo! Manny thank you for early campaigning Sara Duterte, not so genius but True leader and have a big heart for the poor and to our country!” said 4th netizen.


Source: Carlo de Leon

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