Netizen on Pacquiao’s PolSci diploma: “No amount of money can buy the truth, unless the CHED or UM or Manny can prove the validity of his diploma”

“BOBBY SAYS FAKE- YAW! unless otherwise…”

1dangkal ni JP feels a sense of vindication that former Ambassador Bobi Tiglao has answered the question he floated first that Manny Pacquiao’s diploma is fake unless otherwise UMAK can demonstrate the existence of a law authorizing it to grant a Tertiary Education Equivalency Diploma.

“Unless otherwise provided by a law authorizing the University of Makati to grant a Tertiary Education Equivalency Diploma, Bobby Tiglao’s answer to the question we started floating in 1dangkal is: Manny’s diploma is fake.”

1dangkal pointed the answer to Bobi Tiglao’s discovery regarding UMAK.

“How come? According to his research, only 1 university is authorized by CHED to issue an equivalency diploma for BS Polsci and another to issue diploma for AB Polsci: they are PUP and New Era, respectively.”

1dangkal echoed Tiglao’s damning findings and that UMAK was not authorized, I repeat, not authorized in 2019 by CHED to grant BA in PolSci degree to Pacquiao in 2019.

“The program is called ETEEAP and the CHED regulates which universities are authorized to issue diplomas for which courses. University of Makati was not authorized by CHED, according to Tiglao to issue such in 2019- under the presidency of Abby Binay.”

1dangkal could only borrow the line from a Paul McCartney song that honesty is such a lonely word to take a swipe at Pacquiao. Worse, 1dangkal quipped that Manny’s money cannot extricate him out his dilemma unless CHED, UMAK or Manny can prove Tiglao’s findings wrong and that his diploma is valid.

“Honesty- is such a lonely word. No amount of money can buy the truth, unless the CHED or UM or Manny can prove the validity of his diploma. Corruption is not proven by incompetence or inefficiency or even stupidity.”

1dangal ni JP wrapped up the FB post by leaving Manny Pacquiao with an important lesson to learn about corruption and what makes it evil. In hindsight, 1dangkal remarked that teaching Pacquiao about this is unnecessary if he actually attended political science subjects.

“Manny should learn that what makes corruption evil is the abuse of the powers vested in one’s position in government to seek or grant favors, not otherwise allowed for oneself or for one’s friends. Of course, he could only have learned this if he actually attended political science subjects.”

As of this posting, 1dangkal’s FB post has generated 1,643 reactions, 253 comments and 306 shares and growing.

Note: UMAK Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Ramos admitted during the interview with Sonshine Radio that UMAK is indeed not accredited/authorized by CHED. [Link here] However, he clarified they are working on it.

Here’s the actual video interview wherein Dr. Ramos indirectly admitting they are not accredited by CHED because UMAK existed before the former’s existence. Said DepEd gave them permits so in effect, those permits are still valid but they are working with CHED closely for UMAK’s accreditation.


Source: 1dangkal ni JP

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