Netizen on Senator Lacson: “If he so wishes (or dreams) to be president must first learn to ask the right questions”

Looking ahead to President Duterte’s SONA this July, Senator Panfilo Lacson asked the public: “Are we better off than when he (Duterte) stepped in?”

A blogger who called himself 1dangkal ni JP replied, “OF COURSE NOT!”

Why? “Ang bobo ng tanong,” 1dangkal ni JP quipped.

1dangkal ni JP remarked that Lacson must know first how to ask the right questions if he has presidential aspirations. “Senator Lacson, if he so wishes (or dreams) to be president must first learn to ask the right questions. Are we better- off now than when Duterte stepped in?”

1dangkal ni JP further elaborated why Lacson’s question was dumb.

“In 2016, we had no pandemic. The whole world was so much better then than now- Mr. Lacson. Lahat ng bansa ay nasa mas nakakabahalang kalagayan ngayon. Kasalanan ba ni Duterte ang Covid?”

1dangkal ni JP left Lacson gave Lacson a wise advice if he wants to run for President in 2022 and that is to put his best foot forward. He went on to explain how.

“If you want to run- put your best foot forward. You are a general- you should have capitalized on your military background rather than seeking the removal of Parlade and other generals in favor of AP Non and other communists.”

1dangkal ended the brief FB post by leaving Lacson with a rule of the thumb when asking questions.

“You were once brilliant in investigations- let us remind you: ASKING STUPID QUESTIONS, MAKES ONE LOOK STUPID.”

As of this writing, 1dangkal’s FB post has generated 1,000 reactions, 75 comments and 305 shares in just 1 hour and counting.

Here are some of the reactions of netizens below:

“That’s how ambition shape you, it makes u st*pid….”

“Habang tumatagal, itong si Ping napupurol na ang utak.”

“Lacson is slowly morphing into a m0r*n. Yet he wants to be a president.”

Tumatandang paurong eto si Ping.Tila masama na ata ang epekto sa kanya ng ambition niyang maging presidente.Dating PNP Chief yan ha!

“papansin lang yan para magkaroon ng publicity. isa din yan sa political butterfly mabilis lumipat kung san sya makikinabang. kilala na ugali nyan”


Source: 1dangkal ni JP

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