Netizen praises President Duterte for unusually fast passport renewal with a twist!

This is a growing trend in social media! Netizens post positive personal experiences under the Duterte admin with a twist to get the public’s attention.

The post of netizen Gerrard Mavericks aptly demonstrates Filipinos brand of humor using sarcasm to deliver their message across.

In a Facebook post, netizen Gerrard happily announced his beautiful experience while renewing his passport in DFA along that route.

He titled his short post, “Kasalanan ni PD30” to get the attention of his friends on Facebook.

Check out the full text of the post below.

I was expecting to stay atleast 5hrs or more w/ pila na super haba @ DFA for my passport renewal. To my big surprise natapos lahat ang renewal process in less than 1hr!

Kasalanan talaga to ni PD30! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Change is already implemented!

Netizens welcome the post of Mr. Gerrard Mavericks like a whiff of fresh air!

Netizen Jarence Minh Relloso shares his personal experience to corroborate the post.

I had the same experience just last month. I was actually expecting about 5 hours because someone I know spent that long just early this year.

Netizen Aviya Shiloh Baldos Magbanua agrees and says:

Yes DFA in Davao is running 30mins or less per transaction.

Meanwhile, netizens Shannie Martinez Sicat decides to play the spoiler’s role and writes:

Excuse me po, kahit nung term ni PNOY hindi po inaabot ng mahaba ang pila, kase by appointment na po, at mabilis rin po ang proseso, in fact ngayon nga may mga friends ako na pinabalik pa next week kase may problema sa system ng dfa last week. Releasing na lang yun nagkaproblema pa, so hindi po natin pede sabihin na smooth po lahat nowadays.

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Source: Gerrard Mavericks

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