Netizen questions Sen. Grace Poe’s impartiality, wonders if Sec. Duque is made of teflon stuff


This is the sarcastic remark of Edwin Jamora, a US-based accountant and native of Sorsogon following Senator Poe’s commentary that Duque’s failure to secure Pfizer vaccine is tragic and almost criminal. [GMA News]

Jamora asked permission to quote Senator Poe. “Ulitin naten mga friends!”

“I think it’s really tragic and, to an extent, criminal on their part for having missed the chance of acquiring 10 million vaccines. Yung leadership ng DOH urong-sulong, hindi makagawa ng desisyon, ‘di makabigay ng tamang rekomendasyon. We missed it. Our chance to get that was given to Singapore because they could act decisively and we can’t. How many lives would be lost because of that lost opportunity?”

“BUT HERE’S THE THING,” Jamora urged netizens to pay attention as to what he has to say next.

“Did we ever hear Grace Poe say the same thing for Dengvaxia victims?!” Jamora started quizzing netizens.

“TANGINA! WALEY DIVA?!” Jamora answered his own question.

Not only that, Jamora cited another instance wherein Senator Grace Poe did not say a word or make a fuss.

“We heard nothing from her when Drilon and Angara “defunded” the Public Attorney’s Office when it filed cases for erring ex-officials of DOH for Dengvaxia victims.”

“KOREK?!” Jamora asked.

Jamora can’t help but think that Duque is made of Teflon stuff because after two major controversies (dengvaxia & Pfizer vaccine brouhaha) nothing seemed to affect him.

“Speaking of DOH, what is up with Duque? He must be coated with Teflon. He hardly got involved with Dengvaxia just as he hardly get involved again this time with the delay in ordering Covid-19 vaccine.”

Jamora ended the FB post by shifting to Bicolano dialect and saying something unpleasant.

“Mga inanitan na yan!”


Netizens are quick to join the fray and started throwing shades at Grace Poe in light of Jamora’s rant FB.

“Grace Poe chooses her fight, pag walang political gain or mileage dedma siya. Poewit talaga.”

“Her life was never in danger regarding the issue of why Dengvaxia was purchased unlike today. Goes to show the level of “concern” she has for the lives of other Filipinos.”

“Poe is having a real difficult time positioning herself in the political arena. Leni has LP, PDP has Pacman, Villar is NP, Bongbong at KBL, Sara has Hugpong. Nobody will sponsor her. She is now in limbo. And that place is only for those who wants to limbo rock.”


Source: Edwin Jamora

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