Netizen questions Senator Grace Poe enthusiasm to grant ABS-CBN a new franchise, stalled on Malacanang’s request for Emergency Powers

Both Senator Grace Poe and Senate President Tito Sotto are pro-ABS-CBN franchise renewal and aren’t shy to say it as explained by retired broadcaster Jay Sonza in his Facebook post.

However, this is where the similarities end. Facebook blogger Noel Landero Sarifa noted the opposing views of close political allies SP Tito Sotto and Senator Grace Poe. “Sen. Grace Poe said that the Senate will proceed with its own hearing on ABS-CBN Corp’s franchise without waiting for action from the House of Representatives.

But Senate President Sotto said it would be better for the Senate Committee on Public Services to focus on the resolution seeking to probe ABS-CBN’s alleged violations, instead of tackling the franchise bill without the House’s counterpart,” Sarifa added.

Sarifa agree with Senate President Sotto stance that Poe cannot tackle the franchise bill unless the Lower House had already acted on it . “Senate President Sotto is right, before Grace Poe will tackle about the new franchise, why not review the old franchise and check if the allegations filed by SolGen is valid. Para pagdating ng bill mula sa house malalaman na nila kung dapat bang i-renew ang franchise or not.

Sarifa asked the public, apparently seeking validation of his idea that before Poe discuss the new franchise, the senate must scrutinize whether there were violations of the network’s franchise to determine if they warrant a renewal? Sarifa was puzzled why Poe is so eager to grant ABS-CBN a franchise without the benefit of proper deliberation. Di ba dapat bago mo pag-usapan ang new franchise, busisihin muna kung may paglabag ba sa Franchise ang ABS-CBN, kung karapatdapat bang irenew? E bakit gusto na atang igawad agad ni Grace Poe ang franchise without proper deliberation if worthy ba ang network ng renewal. Tsaka anong tatalakayin nyo kung wala pa ngang bill?

Bakit kaya si Grace Poe atat na atat sa Franchise ng ABS- CBN na sa March 30 pa mag-eexpire? Sarifa asked again for emphasis.

In this light, Sarifa couldn’t help but ask why Poe is such in a hurry to grant ABS-CBN a franchise but stalled on Duterte admin’s request for Emergency Powers to solve the Metro Manila traffic crisis? Ang Emergency Power na kailangang kailangan ng taumbayan at araw-araw na aapektuhan bakit nya hinarang? Hindi ba mas priority yun kasi milyong-milyong Pilipino ang nagdurusa sa EDSA araw-araw?

Sarifa followed it up with another probing question on Grace Poe’s misplaced priorities like the onerous contracts of the water concessionaires. Paano naman ang onerous contract ng mga water concessionaires na milyong milyong Pilipino din ang naloko?

Sarifa ended the FB post by clarifying he simply wanted to express his opinion. “Just saying…”

Retired journalist Ermin Garcia Jr. also echoed Noel Sarifa’s sentiment on Grace Poe’s enthusiasm in granting ABS-CBN’s request for extension of their franchise.

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Source: Noel Sarifa

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