Netizen raises hell when media says Robredo visits typhoon victims in “Rizal” when she visited 1 barangay?

A screenshot of the comment of a certain netizen named Vivian Mulat revealing something about Leni Robredo’s visit in Rizal has been making the rounds on Facebook.

The netizen opened with a question to begin her comment, “Leni visited typhoon victims in Rizal?”

Ulol! The netizen hit the news writer who wrote the article about Leni’s visit to the typhoon victims in Rizal.

The netizen claimed that Robredo only visited an evacuation center in San Mateo Rizal for photo ops and did not even stay longer than 30 minutes. She said for the information of everybody, Rizal is comprised of 13 municipalities and 1 city (Antipolo).

The municipality of Rodriguez (Montalban) was the most affected by #UlyssesPH, just an hour away from San Mateo and yet, Robredo did not bother to go an extra mile to check their situation.

The netizen’s beef with the headline was that – how does visiting a single evacuation center in 1 out 14 municipalities equate into checking the entire province? She said it was not only misleading but sensationalism at its worst!

The netizen remarked that it is really hard to build up the image of Robredo hence her PR team and the rotten is spreading lies after lies.

The netizen laughed at wokes saying Robredo is the epitome of leadership. She said epitome of leadershit is appropriate to describe Robredo. She also thumbed down the term “Presidential material” to describe Robredo.

The post of Darwin Canete has been getting quite an engagement from his Facbeook followers, generating 2,500+ reactions, 700+ shares and 95 comments and counting.

One netizen, apparently from Tuguegarao commented that Robredo was there only for photo-ops. Did not distribute relief goods when she visited in Linao. “Sa Linao sa Tuguegarao photo-op lang din ginawa niya. Wala man lang dalang kahit anong relief goods.” It appeared the netizen was telling the truth. Based on the screenshot below of the Leni’s comment on her page, Leni had no relief goods to distribute when she visited there.

Another netizen agreed that Robredo’s PR team are making it appear she was in the thick of things by giving incomplete information about her visit in Rizal. “Very slick with their wording, she actually did visit the typhoon victims, but by leaving out how many, the inference is that she was in the thick of it instead of just on the perimeter taking pics.”

Contrary to the claim of the commenter, Robredo did visit Kasiglahan Village Elementary School in Rodriguez, Rizal on November 12, 2020.

But, I agree the headline was misleading because visiting 2 out 14 municipalities does not equate into checking the entire province of Rizal. [Link here]


Source: Darwin Canete

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