Netizen rallies public behind AFP, NTF-ELCAC of Gen. Parlade & NSA Chief Esperon vs Makabayan bloc,CPP/NPA

A certain netizen named Adolfo Mortera claimed the Makabayan Bloc are now crying for the resumption of peace talks because they are faltering or starting to falter.

Mortera remarked he is not surprised because Lt. Gen. Parlade and Ka Eric have unmasked them after a new show in the senate probe.

A quick google search tell us Joma Sison, not Makabayan bloc started calling for the resumption of peace talks, long before Gen. Parlade and Ka Eric started unmasking Makabayan bloc. If you check the date of the Inquirer article, it says March 1, 2020.

Moving forward, Mortera noted the Makabayan Bloc have gone lie low, the reason being National Security Adviser Esperon announced they are now under surveillance.

Mortera advised Makabayan bloc to come out from hiding because the AFP Intelligence already have the evidences against them.

Besides, the NPAs have surrendered left and right. Their recruitment are also under surveillance.

Not only that, the AFP have also put their extortion activities, targeting businessmen and telecom companies under surveillance.

Mortera swore Filipinos will see to it that in 2022, they are no longer around. He called them pests.

Mortera said their salaries come from the sweats of the taxpayers who paid their taxes.

Mortera asked netizens if they have any idea how much the Makabayan bloc have siphoned off from the national coffers to fight and bring down the government?

Mortera did the Math and according to his calculation, the Makabayan bloc have received around P1.3B+.

P603,953 each monthly x 6 reps=
P3,623,718 per month x12 months =P434,846.16 per year x3 years = P1,304,538.48!!!

Mortera said the allowances for their vehicles and pork for their “projects” were not included yet.

Mortera called these projects a joke because the truth is, they don’t have have districts and constituents.

Mortera reckoned the Makabayan Bloc funneled their pork barrels to NPA members and recruits, maintenance of anti-government rallies, propaganda, indoctrination of children in their schools in the mountains, materials and logistics.

According to Mortera, he received unverified report ACT Teachers partylist collects money from teacher members.

Mortera wondered where did Gabriela get their funds for Gabriela chapters in the universities and colleges in the entire Philippines? Not mention their chapters around the world like Gabriela USA and Gabriela HK etc.?

Mortera remarked that it’s high time these pests need to be eradicated. He said implementing the ANTI-TERROR BILL 100% is a great start.

Mortera urged the public to support the mission of the AFP, NTF-ELCAC of Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade and National Security Adviser Esperon.


Source: Adolfo Mortera

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