Netizen reminds DDS not to reject Mocha, Vivian Velez et al if they want to return, doing so runs counter to BBM’s message of UNITY

In case you missed it, PDP – Laban just delivered some depressing news for BBM’s rivals after PRRD’s political party endorsed BBM’s presidential bid.

In the wake of this interesting turn of events, Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu took to social media to remind DDS who are supporting BBM-Sara tandem that politics is addition and not subtraction. It is not who who is correct or wrong and who getting embarrassed..

Basically, Chu argued that if the likes of Mocha, Vivian Velez and Byron aka Banat By and all those who jumped ship to Isko Moreno’s camp wants to return to the fold after PDP-Laban endorses BBM, Chu asked a favor from DDS who are now pro-BBM not to ridicule or speak ill against Mocha and company.

Otherwise, they are no different than the Kakampinks, said Chu.

Chu defended Mocha and company, saying they are not to blame because nobody could guess who Duterte was going to endorse until the PDP-Laban announcement today. In fairness to PRRD, he has yet to raise BBM’s hand officially but the pic shared by BBM and PRRD circulating on Facebook today, convinces majority of DDS, including known pro-Duterte bloggers that the PDP-Laban endorsement is as good as PRRD’s endorsement of BBM.

Finally, Chu said rejecting those DDS who have gone astray and wants to go back runs counter to the very message of the BBM-Sara tandem, which is UNITY.

You may now read Krizette Chu’s original FB post.

Paalala ko lang ha. Paramihan ang election. Hindi kung sino yung tama o napahiya o sino ngayon yung mali.

Kung gusto bumalik ni Mocha, ni Vivian Velez, ni Byron, at lahat nang nag Isko Moreno, WAG NIYONG PAPAHIYAIN O SASABIHAN NG MASAMA.

Ano kayo, Kakampink?

PRRD was very vague and nobody could guess who he was going to endorse til he really endorsed so don’t blame them for choosing Isko because marami kaming anti BBM.

I myself would have gone for Ping if he didn’t say what he said about PRRD and Pnoy.

So kung gusto nyo talaga ng UNITY gaya ng sinasabi ninyo, gusto nyo talaga ng madami tayo para super latak, WELCOME THOSE WHO WERE LED ASTRAY because wag niyong babalewain yung effort nila kay PRRD for the last 6 years.

Wag kayong ganyan. Be careful not to become the monsters you fight.


Unity is easy to achieve when you agree with all, but hard to actually embody during disagreements.

Paaalala lang that your job is to welcome everybody in the fold, whoever they are. That is the essence of true UNITY.


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