Netizen reminds Duterte supporters to train their guns on Poe; she is the real threat to Duterte says post

A post reminding Mayor Duterte supporters to be wary of Grace Poe because she is the real bet of President Pnoy has been doing the rounds lately.

In a Facebook post by Robert Gonzales, the netizen made the appeal to Mayor Duterte supporters not to waste their energy on Mar Roxas because he said, Grace Poe is the real bet of Pres. Pnoy, his ticket to stay out of jail once his term expires.

In the post, the netizen explained that Mar Roxas is merely the decoy because he is not winnable. As the people are busy attacking Mar Roxas, Grace Poe is silently campaigning in the background and shielded from the guns of her rivals.

In the end, the electorate dumps Mar Roxas while Grace Poe emerges as the cleaner candidate figuratively speaking, thus making her an easier choice for the people to accept in light of the bruising campaign from rival candidates during the election campaign.

The netizen explained that if Pnoy’s men cheat via PCOS or VCM on behalf of Mar Roxas and the latter emerges as the winning candidate, people will not accept the election result and the Duterte supporters might stage a “PEOPLE POWER” and that is something Pnoy cannot afford.

However, if Grace Poe wins courtesy of the PCOS machines (VCM), Malacanang will be spared by the wrath of Duterte supporters since Malacanang is not openly endorsing Grace Poe but working in the background.

In addition, the netizen observed that the various surveys being released one after the other would show Poe either topping the surveys or tied with Duterte or Binay, thus making it likely possible for the people to accept Grace Poe emerging as the winner via the PCOS or VCM machines.

They are already laying the foundation that even by a slim margin just to make it appear credible, Grace will win the election (if cheating will be employed).

The same thing cannot be said in the event Mar Roxas wins via PCOS (VCM) manipulations.

Please read the full text below.

My fellow Duterte supporters,

Kung susuriin nating maigi, hindi si Mar Roxas ang totoong inilalaban ng gobyerno ni Pnoy sa pangpanguluhang halalang ito kundi si Grace Poe Llmanzares.

Panggulo na lang si Mar. Alam ng malacanang na maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw na hindi winnable candidate si Mar. Ang pagkahandaan natin ay ang posibilidad ng “cheating” sa araw ng eleksyon,,,hindi cheating in favor of Mar Roxas, kundi cheating in favor of Grace Llmanzares.

Kapag kasi si Mar ang inilaban ng dayaan, mahirap tlagang paniwalaan dahil nga khit kelan ay hindi naman ito tumimbang sa mga surveys (external or internal surveys man ng malacanang).

At kapag yun ang nangyari, siguradong people power talaga tayong mga supporters ni Mayor Digong laban sa gobyerno ni Pnoy. Pero hindi bobo ang mga nasa malacanang. Alam nila ito at ayaw nilang maging sentro ng nagbabagang galit ng mga Duterte supporters.

Pero kung ang pandaraya ay magiging pabor kay Grace Lllmanzares, magiging labas ang Malacanang sa ano mang gulo dahil ang magsasalpukan ay ang mga supporters ni Mayor at ni Grace.

Pnoy will be neatly insulated from whatever political morass that will take place. Kung mapupuna ninyo ang mga surveys, mas lamang na nangunguna si Grace,,,minsan, statistical tie sila ni Mayor.

Ano ang ibig sabihin nito???

They are already laying the foundation that even by slim margin just to make it appear credible, Grace will win the election (if cheating will be employed).

It really calls for a mighty strong vigilance on our part to be wary of this possibility…

Please share this guys. To be aware lang.

Screenshot of the original post.

Poe is the real threat not Mar

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