Netizen responds to Richard Heydarian’s “If Rizal were alive today, he would have been trolled as ‘DILAWAN’ tweet

‘Ang tanga. LOL.’

This is how Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu described GMA News resident analyst Richard Heydarian following his hypothetical tweet about Rizal and Bonifacio.

Chu shared her definition of “dilawan”.

‘Dilawan means pro Aquino and blind to Aquino’s mistakes.’

Chu further added that ‘dilawan’ is a philosophy of life and school of thought and described the dominant personality traits that characterized its followers.

‘Dilawan is a philosophy of life and school of thought where dominant personality traits are hypocrisy, double crossing, lack of empathy and sympathy, power grabbing, based on the politics of the Aquinos.’

Chu asked Heydarian if Aquino was already alive at the time of Rizal to make Rizal a dilawan?


Was Andres Bonifacio an extortionist and burning equipments to collect money from businessmen?

‘Extortionist ba si Andres Bonifacio? Nang sunog ba sya ng mga ka gamitan para kumita ng pera? Nangangwarta ba sya?’

Chu found it appalling that Heydarian just insulted our national heroes by comparing them to NPAs and a stupid president.

‘MOST IMPORTANTLY: Did this guy just insult national heroes by comparing them to NPAs and a stupid president? LOL.’

Chu wrapped up the brief FB post by reminiscing Heydarian’s old tweet that made him the butt of jokes on social media.

‘Logic flied.’

Chu’s FB post has been a huge hit among Pinoy netizens, generating more than 8,700 reactions, 1,000+ comments and almost 600 shares in three hours.

One netizen described Richard Heydarian comparing Rizal and Bonifacio to dilawans “idiotic”. ‘What an idiotic comparison, your just showing your ignorance to phil history, rizal and bonifacio both fought the tyranny of spain against the filipinos, your dilawans did nothing but enrich themselves, they never did anything good for our country. PRRD is doing everything he can for the best interest of our nation, and you not are even a full blooded filipino.’

Another netizen echoed Chu’s sentiment. ‘If Rizal and Bonifacio were alive today, they would be insulted and disgusted by that comparison Javad!’

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Source: Krizette Chu

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