Netizen reveals the truth about Trillanes, his parents that will make you say, “I understand now where his hate is coming from”

Kung pamilya mo gutom noon at ngayon, wag mo kaming isali. Hindi kami kasing malas sa pamilya mo. Di kami mahirap friend. Tatay ko governor noon, may iniwan sa amin. Ikaw anong naiwan sa iyo? Hangin pati yabang. Tulisan ka sa totoo lang.

This is the last three lines or so of Duterte’s response to Trillanes he made on February 16, 2017.  If you listen to it again, the President asked Trillanes what  has he  inherited from his father: “Ikaw anong naiwan sa iyo? Hangin pati yabang. Tulisan ka sa totoo lang.”

After stumbling upon the post of the friend of a Duterte supporter, I realized now why Duterte mentioned that he inherited something from his father, then quickly turned the tables around to Trillanes.  So without further adieu, I want you to read the revelation by a netizen to arrive with your own conclusion, ok?


Trillanes started throwing tirades against the establishment when his parents, who were suppliers at the Philippine Navy, were banned from further participating in biddings there due to their involvement in government procurement anomalies.

Everybody in the military knows this. That’s when he started his career as a bayarang political attack dog with a retainer fee. That is where he will meet his waterloo.

A netizen said something in the comment’s section to that made the story more convincing.

Another netizen commented after learning this about Trillanes’s past.

“Tandaan lagi na kung pakakainin mo ang iyong anak na galing sa masama at tiyak na masama rin ang buhay na kanyang tatahakin. Kapag galing sa nakaw, tiyak na ang anak mo ay magnanakaw rin. Kapag galing sa droga, tiyak na durogista rin ang anak mo.,” Bron Bear  wrote.

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