Netizen says 2022 polls is battle between Leni Robredo, symbol of Liberal Party ineptitude vs Sara Duterte for continuity & public service

Manila Bulletin writer, social media influencer and political analyst if you will on social media, Krizette Laureta Chu made a strong case why Filipinos need not vote the likes of Leni Robredo into office, much more at the helm of the highest position in the country – the presidency.

Chu cited several hypothetical scenarios wherein one is given one chance to call for help between one of Duterte’s men or one of PNoy’s men, depending on the situation which she later explained below.

Your child is kidnapped by extremists who have no mercy. Only one person can negotiate his release. If they mess it up, your child is killed. You go to Rodrigo Duterte, or Leni Robredo?

You have one bar in your phone battery and your car fell into a ditch. If no help comes in one hour, your car will tip over and you all fall into a cliff. One call to make to a person who can save your car and your family: To Art Tugade, or to Joseph Abaya?

You and your small children are trapped in a landslide. You have enough load to call one person to get you out of there. Do you call Mark Villar, or do you call Rogelio Singson? I had to search up Singson. (He’s so forgettable because he had so few achievements.)

You’re a starting real estate developer. You put all of your P50M capital—your entire life savings—into a development, hoping it will be a great plan. Two contractors are bidding to get your project. One, Vince Dizon—who has New Clark City as his portfolio, and who’ll charge you the entire P50M, and another, some under-the-table person who said he’ll give it to you for P40M. Who do you give the project to?

There’s a new vaccine, and you can only ask two doctors the honest truth about this vaccine. They both stand to earn from you and your family’s inoculation. Is this vaccine really good for my children? Who do you think would give you a more honest answer? Duque, or Garin?

NPA rebels have overwhelmed your town. The leader of your country decides to post one man to oversee your protection. Would you like General Bato, who has spent decades fighting them in the mountains, or Drilon, who asked the government to cut the funding for NTF ELCAC?

Chu said she could cite more hypothetical scenarios about leaders who are out of touch with what is happening on the ground vs leaders who may not perfect but are trying their very best to their jobs.

I could go on and on and on, and give you more examples about leaders who are so very far removed from the actual needs of the people, vs-a-vs leaders who, while they are not perfect, are putting mind body and soul into their jobs.

Sadly, Chu remarked that many Filipinos fall for motherhood statements from self-described intellectuals like they know the struggles of everyday Juans.

Many Filipinos are blinded by motherhood statements and snobbish opinions of self-described intellectuals. As if they know the struggles.

Basically, Chu said that the easiest way to know which leaders (President) to vote for is to picture who will make up the government, the Cabinet secretaries that will head the different departments of government whom the people can ask for help from.

But the easiest way to realize which leaders the country really need is to think of those who make up government as actual people you know that you can ask for help from.

The government isn’t just Duterte or Robredo—the government is made up of people who are their alter-egos, Chu added.

For example, if they choose Robredo, she warned Filipinos to be prepared for the same kind of people that PNoy appointed – the very people who were there for the perks of the position, not for public service.

So if you’re going to choose Robredo, be prepared for the same kind of people who were there pre-Duterte—men and women who allowed elevators and escalators to malfunction in MRT stations, allowed our airports to be the worst in the world, allowed our OFWs to be targeted by evil and corrupt government workers who planted bullets in their bag, allowed our men in uniform to suffer the way they did.

The thing is, her supporters market ROBREDO as some kind of Saint, some kind of mother, some kind of antidote to the brusqueness of Duterte, Chu lamented.

She’s not, Chu argued.

Chu put into words what a Robredo presidency will be like.

Robredo IS the leader of the grossly inefficient, insensitive, morally corrupt Liberal Party. She is the embodiment of all that was wrong in our system pre 2016. She is surrounded—and then instructed—by enablers of this country, by the Drilons and Singsons and Garins, by the Delimas and the Dinkys, and the Mar Roxases.

Chu described Robredo as a puppet while the same cannot be said of Sara Duterte hence the Opposition wants to install Robredo as the next president not because of her brilliance but their ticket back to power.

She is—by virtue of being the wife of a dead DILG Secretary—their leader, but she is also, unfortunately, their puppet. Unlike Sara, who can’t even be dictated on by her own father, Leni has become a mouthpiece of the Opposition. The reason they want her to run isn’t because she’s the brilliant leader, it’s because through her they can reclaim their power.

Chu explained that your vote isn’t a vote for your mother but a vote for the people who we wanted to abhorred and kicked out in 2016.

A vote for her isn’t a vote for your mother. She isn’t your “Ina.” A vote for her isn’t a vote for pureness or womanity or some kind of marketing creation.

It’s a vote for those people we wanted so very badly to change in 2016 that we all chose Rodrigo Duterte or Miriam Santiago or Binay or Grace Poe instead of Mar Roxas.

In other words, voting for Leni Robredo is a vote to allow the inept Liberal party to return to power.

To vote Leni Robredo is to vote all of the inefficient, corrupt, heartless Liberal Party members. Walang ina ina ina ina ina. Ina!!!!!

Chu ended the long FB rant by saying in jest that those who wants to return to circa 2010-2016 type of leadership can freely choose any uninhabited island in the Philippines and stay there.

Ang mga gustong bumalik ng 2010-2016, pili kayo ng uninhabited island tapos dun kayo lahat. Huwag niyo na kami idamay just because you’re too sosyal for Rodrigo.


Source: Krizette Chu

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