Netizen says ABS-CBN’s franchise woes connected to 2022 election? Advises Kapamilya to read unwritten script of Rodrigo Roa Duterte to secure new franchise?

A Facebook netizen named Willy Ramasola shared an interesting theory why ABS-CBN’s franchise is in limbo until now and just a couple of days from now, its current franchise expires.

Ramasola theorized that ABS-CBN’s franchise woes is connected to what they did to Duterte when he ran for President. According to Ramasola, ABS-CBN holds the key to getting a new lease of life to their franchise if they will read the unwritten script of Rodrigo Duterte.

In a Facebook post titled “The Show Must Go On” , Ramasola opened the post by giving the public a peek of the Filipino’s love affair with teledramas. “We Filipinos love dramas. We like to watch movies and feel inspired with how a leading actor or actress, once battered and persecuted, eventually emerges victorious over her tormentors. It’s a lovely spice to our otherwise boring day to day lives.”

In 2016, ABS-CBN once again wrote what could have their blockbuster political drama anchored on Grace Poe as possible successor of PNoy. According to Ramasola, Poe was the easy choice. “Way back in 2016, the business elite in our country were supporting the production of a dramatic political story using Grace Poe as possible successor of PNoy Aquino. The decision was easy. Binay was perceived to be corrupt. Miriam was sick. Mar Roxas, although part of the oligarchy, was hounded by a poor leadership track record such as his handling of the Yolanda tragedy and the Mamasapano massacre. Not to mention his lack of charisma and appeal to the masses.”

Ramasola said Poe was perfectly packaged by ABS-CBN as the adopted daughter of popular actor FPJ whose movies were all about fighting for the rights of the common people. FPJ ran for President but lost to GMA amid allegations of fraud. Ramasola reckoned that Poe’s campaign slogan “Ipagpatuloy ko ang sinimulan ni FPJ!” was perhaps chosen for this reason to connect with Filipinos who love this kind of plot. “Grace Poe, whose family has strong business ties with media giant ABS-CBN, was perfectly packaged as the adopted daughter of popular actor FPJ who will fight for the rights of farmers, women, street children, and the underprivileged. Her father, who launched his own bid for the presidency, was said to be a victim of the “Hello Garci” election cheating of Gloria Arroyo. Perhaps this could be the reason why Grace Poe used this favorite phrase in her campaign: ‘Ipagpatuloy ko ang sinimulan ni FPJ!'”

Ramasola wrote that Poe’s candidacy did not go well as the scriptwriter of her Presidential journey would have imagined, as her citizenship was questioned in court. “Of course her opponents will not take things sitting down. She was attacked as an inexperienced political leader. People believe she works for the interests of big businessmen. But her biggest challenge was when her citizenship was questioned. A disqualification case was filed against her.”

Ramosala remarked that Grace Poe’s citizenship woes paved the way for another candidate to enter the picture and his name was Rodrigo Duterte. “Amidst all these developments and given the limited choice of presidential candidates, there was a feeling of helplessness among Filipinos who were wondering perhaps another candidate can step up and commit to solve our country’s problems on illegal drugs and corruption. Slowly, a name was beginning to be resonating more frequently in social media: Rodrigo Duterte.”

Ramasola talked about how the business and social elites feared the ascendancy of a leftist Bisaya in Malacanang because his revolutionary policies are expected to break wreak havoc on their tight control of the government and the economy. So, when Poe got a big break after the SC allowed Poe to run for President, her handlers used her SC victory to regain her lost momentum and hopefully get passed by her presidential rivals. “But our business and social elite will have none of this leftist Bisaya from Mindanao, whose revolutionary policies are expected to break their strong control on our government and on the economy particularly in the areas of telecom services, water distribution, rice supply, and mainstream media. They have to stick to their script which has worked wonders in the past. Remember that PNoy was never a contender in 2010 but the death of Cory was a beautiful turning point which catapulted him to the Presidency. This time, Grace Poe’s handlers have to capitalize on her citizenship issue victory to vindicate her and push her way up and ahead over her opponents.”

Meanwhile, Ramasola cited how Duterte used the Senate Tribunal’s disqualification decision in Poe’s favor as the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak that prompted him to run for President. Media outfits made fun of Duterte then for using that as an excuse to run and joined Poe and Roxas in the political contest dominated by two of Oligarch’s pet candidates. “Duterte the Latecomer used the Senate Tribunal’s disqualification decision in favor of Poe as the main reason why he decided to run as President. Major media outfits played down on this reason as a laughable excuse for an old man to convince himself to join the political contest now led by Poe and Roxas, who are both supported by our country’s oligarchs.”

Ramasola credited Duterte for his political astuteness, even describing him a magician in politics for pulling a victory despite overwhelming odds like lack of funds and machinery by writing his own suspenseful story just to make sensational news and sustain media exposure for free. “Duterte the Political Magician – lacking in funds, machinery and political allies, had to make do with creating his own suspenseful events such as substituting himself for the withdrawn candidacy of Martin Diño just in order to continue creating sensational noise for himself and sustain media exposure. His well-financed opponents had no problem paying off journalists, analysts, playing numerous TV ads just to boost their respective candidacies. That’s why when Duterte paid a precious Php7Million for that Robin Padilla campaign ad which was not aired by ABS-CBN, it hurt him so much that he promised himself that he will bring this media giant off the air once he becomes President.”

Ramasola also credited the huge role played by social media in neutralizing Duterte’s handicap – biased media against candidacy – and bring someone from Mindanao to the seat of power in Malacanang. Ramasola called it simply amazing. “The role of the social media in the 2016 national elections was phenomenal. Many netizens, bloggers, graphic video audio artists, etc. all worked hard together to support and defend Duterte from various attacks from his established opponents and supporters who traditionally used mainstream media as their platform. 16 million Filipinos found a power to neutralize biased reporting from paid media and to bring someone from Mindanao to the seat of power in Malacanang. It was simply amazing.”

Ramasola weighed in whether ABS-CBN will get a new franchise after Duterte accepted apologies from the network’s President and CEO, in light of Presidential daughter expressing support for the renewal. “Apologies from ABS-CBN have been made and well accepted by the President. But will a new franchise be issued? The President’s daughter already expressed support for the franchise renewal. What then could this mean to ABS-CBN management?”

Ramasola believed that the ABS-CBN issue was neither press freedom issue nor foreign ownership issue or all that stuffs being raised against the network. “I personally believe this ABS-CBN issue is not about freedom of the press. That’s baloney. It cannot be about alleged foreign ownership in the company. Look at Rappler. They found a way to continue operating. Nor is it about tax obligations. PAL coughed up a few billions in tax payments and they’re good now. It cannot be about labor violations otherwise DOLE would have penalized them. Nor is this about unpaid bank debts otherwise DBP would have sued them.”

But the 2022 Presidential election. “This issue could be about 2022. The daughter will be running and the question is whether ABS-CBN will continue to be hostile to the Dutertes?”

Ramasola offered ABS-CBN an unsolicited advice if they hope to continue using Philippine airwaves to broadcast their TV programs on free TV. “ABS-CBN has been writing scripts for its thousands of shows over the past decades. Perhaps it is about time they read the unwritten script of Rodrigo Roa Duterte.”

Ramasola ended the FB post by expressing one’s excitement of what lies ahead in the coming months. “I can’t wait to see how things will unfold in the coming months.”

God bless us all.

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Source: Willy Ramasola

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