Netizen says best revenge vs Dilawans for subjecting us with their idiocy on every issue is to vote for Sara Duterte for President in 2022?

Annoyed by the anti-Dutertes for subjecting you to their idiocy on every issue that comes around and use it to pin down President Duterte, though unsuccessfully?

Well, according to Duterte supporter named Eric Clark Su, the only revenge the supporters can do to extend their sufferings is to vote another Duterte in 2022.

Nothing else, Su, said is sweeter.

As of this writing, Su’s suggestion has gathered 1,699 reactions, 132 comments and 819 shares on Facebook and counting.

So how did social media peeps receive Erik Clark Su’s suggestion?

One netizen answered in the affirmative. She relished the idea of prolonging the agony of the Duterte haters for another six years.

Agree! This way, they will have almost 100% chance of having a mental breakdown. Imagine, they are now nearing the state of dementia for they can’t even figure out yet what went wrong in the last presidential election. More so, if they’ll see another Duterte rise in power for the next 6 years succeeding her father.

Another echoed the sentiment of the above commenter. “What a sweet experience..lets convince her to satisfy the wanting hearts and the cry for sustainable devt.. “

“I say Sara-BBM for 2022, then BBM-Sara for 2028, para atakihin na tlga cla sa puso lahat ng yellow tae s kunsumisyon..😂 “ this Duterte supporter wrote.

Another netizen echoed the opinion of the above commenter. “Sarah for president and BBM for vice-president isupport you Sarah duterte and bongbong marcos we love you.”

This netizen couldn’t agree more. “What a sweet experience..lets convince her to satisfy the wanting hearts and the cry for sustainable devt..”

Meanwhile, this netizen offered a different idea how to subject the anti-Dutertes further. “No, not yet..mas masakit s ego nla ang isang Marcos so BBM2022 muna to prolong the agony and another 6 yrs for Sara 2028… “

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Source: Eric Clark Su

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