Netizen says Grace Poe’s statement water distribution may be affected after revocation of water agreements is proof of Senator’s stupidity?

Facebook netizen Jaime Domingo said Senator Grace Poe’s statement expressing alarm over the revocation of Manila Water and Maynilad’s concession agreement that it may affect the distribution of water to consumers is proof of Senator Poe’s stupidity.

Domingo explained why he thinks Poe’s statement reeks of stupidity because sometime in March 2019, the water concessionaires contrived a ‘fake’ water shortage with the help of mainstream media by showing that La Mesa Dam has ran out of water.

Domingo asserted that the theory of a fake water shortage was true after after the water shortage in some parts of Metro Manila was resolved immediately after President Duterte got mad and publicly scolded the water concessionaires to shape up or ship out.

Another phenomenon that netizen Domingo found alarming was the news that Angat Dam, which for the first time in many years failed to fill to capacity despite the ample rain brought by this year’s monsoon rain.

Domingo said the Angat Dam is under the control of the two water concessionaires. Angat dam has been privatized and managed by a Korean company Domingo bared. Previously, Angat Dam was owned by Maynilad and Manila Waters and later transferred control to the said Korean company.

Domingo suspected the Korean company is just a dummy company of the two water concessionaires that is why they made it sure Angat Dam is not filled to capacity this year, a phenomenon not seen in many years because Angat Dam has always been come rainy reason, even forcing it to release some of its water to avoid overflow.

Domingo remarked Grace Poe would not have made the statement saying water distribution may be affected with the revocation of the distribution agreements if Angat Dam’s water supply this year is sufficient to supply the needs of Metro Manila and neighboring provinces.

Domingo remarked that the shamelessness of the oligarchs is in full view here and yet Senator Grace Poe is defending them.

“They are worse than criminals,” Domingo said of the oligarchs. They collected money from consumers for projects that they did not deliver and now they have set loose Grace Poe as their messenger of doom and gloom scenario in case water distribution is returned to the government?

Domingo said they are far worse because we have abundant water and yet they hold hostage our water supply because of the law of supply and demand, when the water supply is limited, they will ask for a rate hike and demand from the government to build water-related infrastructure projects, then collect money from consumers but in the end, they don’t deliver.

In exasperation, Domingo remarked, “Why do we let this people control utilities. Business lang walang malasakit.”

Domingo said that the slogan of the two water companies “Business without empathy or walang malasakit” is not doing justice. More appropriate is, ” “Tatanggalin nyo kami ha kaya wala kayong tubig”. In English, if you remove us, you will have no water.

Domingo reasoned that water should never be a problem if these two companies just did their part of the agreement, which is to build the projects that we already paid for them. Water would never have been a problem if they just store water in the Dam, which they deliberately failed to do. They are shameless indeed!

Domingo lamented why the public need to be grateful to them for waiving the P11-B collectibles from the government, courtesy of the Final Court Arbitration ruling in Singapore while they are supposed to build P56-B worth of water-infrastructure projects by collecting money from the consumers and yet did not not deliver. And now they even have the audacity to ask for a rate hike.

Domingo ended ended the post with the question, “Does Grace Poe even understand what’s going on?”

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Source: Jaime Domingo

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