Netizen says if government war vs CPP-NPA a game of chess, Parlade is the knight that kicked them all


A certain netizen named Jun Abines wrote that if the Philippine war against the communist insurgency was a game of chess, the CPP-NPA-NDF was playing like a true chess Grandmaster. Why? They managed in prolonging the game for half a century and even planted minor and major pieces deep within the government position. And finally, their planted pieces are doing their bidding.

“If the Philippine war against insurgency was a game of chess, we can safely say that the CPP-NPA-NDF is playing like a true grand master. They have prolonged the game for half a century and successfully infiltrated the government position with their minor and major pieces. And they are now slowy choking and sabotaging the government to become inutile.”

Abines lamented that six Presidents and scores of brave Generals had tried to defeat the communist, but they all failed. After fighting for 5 decades, instead of neutralizing the enemy, the enemy managed to infiltrate all departments and many key government positions.

“Six Philippine Presidents and scores of brave and brilliant generals have played and tried to win against the communists. They all failed. From one President to another, the Communists is getting stronger, tougher and more powerful. All major departments and many key government positions are now infiltrated by the CPP.”

“Enter President Duterte,” wrote Abines. In less than 5 years, President Duterte devised an attacking strategy where the enemies are hit simultaneously. The result? The NTF-ELCAC is now poised to deliver a few more moves and its game over!

“Enter President Rodrigo Duterte. In less than five years sitting in MalacaƱang, he was able to devised an attack strategy that hit the enemy simultaneously in all quarters. The NTF-ELCAC so far is now in a position to successfully play a forced mate against the enemies. Few more moves to go and its game over!”

Abines warned that as the war with the communist enters the endgame, the game gets nastier and dirtier. In addition, the final showdown will become more complicated. Why? The government were in for a huge surprise when some government major pieces were the Trojan horses of the enemies. Abines remarked, he was not surprised the government couldn’t win the war in the last 5 decades.

“The game is now getting nastier, dirtier and brutal. As the end game unfolds, the fight becomes complicated. As it turned out, some government major pieces were not as they seemed to be. Many of them are actually playing for the Communists, not for the people and the government. No wonder the government couldn’t win the war for five decades.”

When all seemed is lost on the government side, Abines have some good news for the public. A lone minor piece, a knight, managed to penetrate deep in the enemy territory, forking and controlling important squares, keeping major pieces and the enemy King within mating distance. And then the knight made his move, capturing minor pieces and pawns alike, weakening the enemy and defenseless.

“But one minor piece on the chess board, a Knight, is not backing down. He is now deep into enemy’s territory forking and checking major pieces and the King. He attacks, attacks and attacks! He didn’t discriminate. He captures minor pieces and pawns alike, leaving the enemy weak, awkward and defenseless.”

However, there is one bad news. A single knight cannot forced a mate unless a smothered mate is in sight but this rarely happen in chess. But, as it keeps picking up the enemy’s pawns and minor pieces, victory is almost certain.

“A single knight may not be capable of forcing a mate. A smothered checkmate by a single knight is very, very rare. But as it keeps capturing enemy’s pawns and minor pieces, victory is almost certain.”

Once again, when the government is about to deliver the mating attack after weakening the enemy greatly, the government’s major pieces refuses to cooperate to deliver the fatal blow. Instead, they are attacking the lone knight of the same color.

“The enemy is now weak and ripe for a forced mate. Sadly, the other major pieces of the government refused to do the right thing. Instead, they did illegal moves attacking the Knight of the same color.”

Abines said the knight is Lt. Gen. Parlade, the pro-communist senators are trying to capture him. All in the name of greed and lust for power.

“This is what our Pro-Communist Senators are doing to Lt. Gen. Parlade. They want to stop him, capture him and neutralize him. All in the name of greed and lust for power.”

“The General has successfully uncovered the nature of our true enemy. Now it appears the headquarters of CPP-NPA-NDF is not located somewhere in the jungle. It could be right in middle of a place called THE SENATE,” Abines declared.

But before the enemy perform the victory dance for holding the government in a position no one can win, Abines ended the FB post by delivering the bad news to the enemy. The knight isn’t giving up until he neutralize government enemies even if it means kicking out the traitor senators in his path to victory.

“But the Knight will keep marching. Stomping and kicking enemies that crosses it’s path. He will wreck havoc to the enemy and will bring the PEACE we all dreamed of. He won’t mind kicking a pig, a penguin, a monkey, a whore and traitor Senators in his path to victory.”


Source: Jun Abines

PARLADE: THE KNIGHT THAT KICKED THEM ALL If the Philippine war against insurgency is a game of chess, we can safely say…

Posted by Jun Abines on Tuesday, April 27, 2021

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