Netizen says Leni Robredo cannot expect ratings to go up or gain new supporters in the wake of Ping-Isko-Norberto presscon

Not the best time to be a Leni supporter right now.

According to Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu in her latest FB post, Leni Robredo’s presidential bid is doomed now after the joint presser of Isko, Ping and Norberto yesterday.

But before we talk about the bad news, Chu thinks Leni supporters are not expected to abandon her and vote another candidate because Ping ang Isko claimed Leni tried to bribe them and in exchange, they will drop their respective presidential bids.

Why? Because Leni supporters are heavily invested in Leni. In addition, they are embarrassed to admit that the allegations hurt them.

Chu noted that not anyone from the Robredo camp bothered to issue a statement denying the bribery allegation vs Leni.

That’s the good news on Leni’s part. No one is jumping ship.

The bad news is, the neutrals will have now on more reason to vote another candidate.

In addition, Chu predicted Leni will not gain new voters because they have one more reason not to pick her. Meaning? Her rating will not go up anymore.

If Leni will not back out from the race as Isko suggested, BBM will be the main beneficiary of the Sunday presser.

No Leni supporter will change her mind about Leni despite the revelations. They’re already in too deep. Nakakapahiya yung mga sinabi ng mga kandidato like Ping, Gonzales, Isko, Manny.

Masakit sa pride aminin nila na yung Nanay nila nang ba bribe ng ibang candidates.

Ni Hindi kaya I deny ng tahasan na wala sinuman galing sa camp nila ang nag offer.

The neutrals however will have one more reason not to pick Leni.

Leni will no longer gain new followers and her ratings will not go up.

If she will not withdraw, like they’re asking her to, BBM will even have more followers and supporters.


Source: Krizette Chu

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