Netizen says massive fake news compilation proof of well-coordinated SEA Games smear campaign, got him two de@th threats 3 hours since going public!

I am not exaggerating this, but the Facebook netizen who revealed the existence of a well-coordinated SEA Games smear campaign has merited him 2 de@th threats already from an unnamed individuals.

The post hasn't even been up for three hours and I've already gotten two threats.Adorable.

Posted by Franco Mabanta on Thursday, November 28, 2019

I guess if you have been around social media for quite a long time, the name Franco Mabanta does ring a bell to you.

However, let us not well on the messenger but on his message.

According to Mabanta, the #SEAGames scandal was the single most dishonest and well-coordinated online smear campaign in Philippine history.

To back up his theory, Mabanta compiled the evidences he gathered online, accompanied by links, of the smear campaign to discredit the government.

Mabanta theorized that the attack has dual purpose.

1. To take down the sitting Speaker of the House. (A power play rarely ever seen.)

2. It’s their last chance to block Duterte. This is the most important part. They’re desperate. If the President has yet ANOTHER spectacular international event (something that’s even half as successful as the universally loved ASEAN Summit last year), it will be extremely difficult to beat whoever he endorses in 2022 — whether it be daughter Sara, BG, Pacman or Villar. It’s essentially the same game plan the Dems are using to weaken Trump via the impeachment proceedings in the US.

Mabanta warned the black propaganda against the government will resume after the Holidays.

If you was wondering why he talked about this despite the danger, Mabanta reasoned that its the right thing to do.

Mabanta could only shake his head in disgust at the meticulous preparation the bad guys organized the fake news and the black ops because despite the terrific preparation and all the hard work has gone down the drain.

All that terrific preparation, all that hard work…down the drain because of how meticulously and sneakily the bad guys organized their fake news and black ops. Do you feel tricked? Does it sorta piss you off? Do you feel like there’s a new dimension of the world that you’re now more aware of?

At the same time, he felt awed and even impressed of the savage takedown by the Opposition, calling it nega-branding masterclass.

I should be wholly disgusted, and yet — if I’m being completely honest — there’s a part of me that’s also quite impressed. What a savage takedown.

This was a nega-branding masterclass.

So here we go…

Your reaction?

Source: Franco Mabanta

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