Netizen says President Duterte is a nation builder, showcases Duterte legacies attained in 3 years via photos to argue his case


This is the bold declaration of the Facebook page called “DU30 MEDIA Network” in its recent post.

The page urged Filipinos to look at the photos embedded below as the legacies of President Duterte to the Filipinos in just three years in office. “Tingnan ang mga mamanahin ng mga Pilipino sa loob pa lamang ng tatlong taon ni Pangulong Duterte.”

The FB page remarked that these legacies of President Duterte has shielded him from all the criticisms because the people know who was right and wrong, whom to believe and vice versa. “Kaya hindi umeepekto ang mga paninira ng mga kritiko dahil ramdam at nakikita mismo ng mga Pilipino kung sino ang nasa tama at sino ang nasa mali, at dapat paniwalaan at hindi dapat paniwalaan.”

The author said that all of President Duterte’s achievements are results of his cussings, anger, threat against those abusive and exploiters of the weak. “Ang lahat ng kanyang achievements ay resulta ng kanyang pagmumura, galit, pagbabanta, pang gigipit sa mga abusado at mapagsamantala. Pero ang lahat ng ito ay hindi para sa kanyang pang sariling interes kundi para sa ikabubuti ng lahat.”

The author said that the President, despite his old age, has carried the nation on his shoulders without a Vice President. “Naitaguyod niya ang bansa ng walang Vice President kahit matanda na.”

The author went on to share the memorable, goosebump-inducing and heartwarming quotes from President Duterte.

“If your concern is Human Life, my concern is Human Lives”

“I will change this country even if it will cost my life”

“Inspite of my dirty mouth, i will give you clean government”

“A leader must be a terror to the few who are evil in order to protect the lives and well-being of the many who are good”

“I don’t care if i burn in hell as long as the people i serve live in paradise”

“We cannot move forward if we allow the pass pull us back”

“We must fight for what we believe in. Courage knows no limits cowardice does”

“It is the present that we are concerned with, and the future that we should prepare for”

“I am aware we still have a long way in our fight against social menace. I will just continue to eliminate corruption”

“I was not elected to serve the interest of any one person or any group or anyone class, i serve everyone and not only one”

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Source: DU30 Media Network

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