Netizen says PRRD’s loss of confidence of Smartmatic a signal to PET to declare BBM as real VP soon?

The breaking news that PRRD ordering Comelec to junk Smartmatic has provides hope for Marcos supporters that BBM is going to declared soon as the real VP?

Netizen Francis Tanseco couldn’t hold back his excitement after hearing the news of PRRD ordering Comelec to look for a fraud-free automated election provider asap.

Tanseco believed that Duterte’s Loss of confidence to Samrtmatic is a signal to PET and SC justices that Smartmatic has pillaged the sanctity of our votes.

Tanseco compared PRRD’s order of expunging Smartmatic from our election process to ancient sacred cleansing ceremony and that is the greatness of the powers that be.

With that being said, Tanseco remarked that PRRD’s pronouncement put Noynoy’s win versus Erap in 2010 in doubt. Same goes with the 2016 election where it produced fake VP and some senators. Wow! That’s serious allegation.

Tanseco, still in euphoric mood, expected BBM to be declared soon as the real VP.

You may read Francis Tanseco’s full FB post below.

PRRD ordering to dispose Smartmatic will be one of many succeeding positive events for the liberation of the Philippines from evil. Take note Jim C. Cabauatan

Ancient Sacred Cleansing Ceremony has been powerful for eons. That is the greatness of the powers that be. Martina Nina Isabella Rossi remember I told you that I will be expecting a positive results this week. And here it is. You have made a great contribution for its manifestations.

PRRD order to dispose of Smartmatic is one of a series of positive events. The President loss of confidence to Smartmatic is a signal to the PET – of the Supreme Court. It is a signal to the justices that Smartmatic has pilaged the sanctity of our votes. It is a signal to the people that indeed the 2016 election resulted to a bogus VP and many fake senators. Indeed, the Akashic record in the etheric is printing a positive charge for an Erap win in 2010. Even BS Aquino was a fake President.

Salamat mam Melissa Mariquina Embradura for your participation. We should expect BBM be declared as the real winner soon if not next week.

Salamat Robert Dela Cruz Garcia for your participation in cleansing our nation.

We all should give praise to our Great Creator God/source for this postive changes. It is now time to celebrate for it is done. Thy Will Be Done. Fiat.And so it is. So be it.

It is now time to declare BBM as the rightful VP.

To God Be The Glory.
God is Great.
Praise His Name.

#Gratitude #Thanksgiving #Gratefulness #Thankfulness #GoodVsEvil

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