Netizen says Robredo’s commentary on Duterte ‘failed’ dr &g w@r drives her crazy, not surprise why old man Duterte wants to finish term badly

MJ Quiambao Reyes, an international commodities trader by day and social media blogger in her spare time, couldn’t help but react at Leni Robredo’s statement that “time for Duterte to stop ‘failed’ drug war.”

In a Facebook post published on 24 October 2019, Reyes remarked that Robredo’s statement drove her crazy.

Reyes asked if Robredo ever get tired or embarrassed of her actions?

In frustration, Reyes said that as long as the incumbent Vice President, in sarcastic tone, is intelligent as her, no matter how tired or sick President was, he will continue to rise in the morning to do his job and finish his term.

Reyes did not waste the opportunity to take a jab at Robredo’s staffs whom she accused of doing a sloppy job for feeding the Vice President with the wrong and incorrect information re w@r on dr&gs.

Reyes cited the 82% Filipinos who approve and said they are satisfied with current admin’s anti-illegal dr&gs campaign, the more than 1.6M dr&g addicts/pushers who surrendered, alive and unharmed., the more than 190,000 dr&g personalities who were arrested, alive and kicking and unharmed and most significantly, the crime rate dropped by 30-57%.

You may read the original article of MJ Quiambao Reyes below.

Madam, nakakaloka ka! Hindi ka pa po ba napapagod o nahihiya man lang sa iyong ginagawa?

Haaaay, hangga’t ang nakaupong VP ay ganyan ka-“brayt”, kahit ano’ng hirap, pagod, at sakit pa ng Pangulo, aba’y tatayo at tatayo pa rin ito para gampanan at tapusin ang kanyang termino.

Madam, in case hindi ka po na-brief ng mga staff mo:

✔️ 82% Filipinos approve and are satisfied with the current admin’s drug war

✔️ More than 1.6M drug addicts/pushers surrendered. Alive. Unharmed.

✔️ More than 190,000 drug personalities (including some govt officials & men in uniform) were arrested. Alive. Unharmed.

✔️ More than 2,000 children were rescued during anti drug operations. Again, alive and unharmed.

✔️ Crime rate dropped by 30-57%

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Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes

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