Netizen says the Enriles of Cagayan endorsing BBM’s presidential bid is no joke. Read why!

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Blogger 1dangkal ni JP said that JPE (Juan Ponce Enrile) raising the hand of BBM, a symbolic gesture endorsing the presidential bid of BBM, did not surprise him but Katrina’s endorsement of BBM who is running for a congress seat under Lakas-CMD.

Juan Ponce Enrile endorses Marcos, Jr. for president. But this is not the surprise! Enrile’s daughter, Katrina who is running for a seat in congress under Lakas CMD joins her father in making this endorsement.

1dangkal spelt out the significance of Enrile’s endorsement of BBM’s presidential bid to the uninitiated.

This is huge for the younger Marcos- given the Enrile’s clout and resources. There were times, when the older Enrile has been rumored to run for president in the past- just to avoid the difficulty of choosing among other presidential bets seeking his endorsement and of course- to borrow his air assets for their campaign.

1dangkal ended the brief FB commentary by asking netizens if this is a sign that Lakas CMD may ultimately throw their support behind BBM’s candidacy? If the answer is yes, a Lakas – CMD endorsement is nothing to scoff at, 1dangkal said.

Enrile may be old, but he still has clout. But is this a sign that the Ramos- founded Lakas CMD may ultimately throw their support to Bong Bong? With Martin Romualdez (Visayas) as its president, Bong Revilla (Caviye) sitting as Chairman and Pichay (Mindanao) as the party’s Secretary General (based on available info online)- an endorsement from Lakas CMD is no joke.

1dangkal’s post has received mixed reactions from his FB followers.

This netizen said that Enrile’s endorsement of BBM is nothing but an act of redemption.

Days of redemption ni lolo Juan…bumabawi bago man cguro sya maging abo… nakita nya ang resulta ng kahibangan nila kay ayan kahit man lng cguro sa ganyang paraan mabawasan guilt nya.. per se? 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤔🤔 Para sa akin ok na din ang ganun legend na c tatang natuto na sa mga pagkakamali …sana nga maituwid na ng tuluyan ang pagkakamali 🙏

Another netizen commented that Enrile is just being practical.

It’s because BBM is leading in all surveys. Why would they support candidate who has no chance of winning.

No permanent enemies talaga. Defector ang mga Enrile, chimed in another.

Meanwhile, one netizen belittled Enrile’s endorsement of BBM.

Mahina ang mga enrile sa cagayan…d naman nananalo ang mga enrile as representative of first district of cagayan…haha


Source: 1dangkal ni JP

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