Netizen scolds Coco Martin: “Wala tayo sa probinsyano na ikaw ang bida, sa tunay na buhay, si President Duterte yun, hindi ikaw.”

Undoubtedly, Coco Martin is ABS-CBN’s highest paid TV actor as the leading star of the telemovie, “Ang Probinsyano” and probably, the most popular Filipino actor to date.

While many celebrity-crazed Filipinos looked up to the actor with great admiration and even reverence, there are a few exceptions who are “foolish enough” to take on someone as very popular as Coco Martin like FB blogger Noel Sarifa.

In a Facebook post published just today, Sarifa admonished the actor for his statement telling Filipinos that the fight for ABS-CBN’s franchise is the fight for all Filipinos. Sarifa. sounded annoyed and asked Coco Martin how come the fight of a private company is the fight of the Filipinos? He said the owner of ABS-CBN is ABS-CBN Corporation which is a private company. “Paano naging laban ng Pilipino ang laban ng Private Company? Ang Owner ang ABS-CBN ay ABS-CBN Corporation, it is not a state owned company. Renewal of Franchise is a company and private matter, why would it be our fight?”

Sarifa asked Coco Martin to convince him and the Filipinos to fight for ABS-CBN when it churns out bias and mind conditioning programs? Sarifa dared Coco Martin to fight for the law since that’s the role he portrayed in ‘Ang Probinsyano.’ “Why would we fight for someone who gives us bias and mind conditioning news and programs? Ipaglalaban namin ang nanloloko sa taumbayan? This is not about Probinsyano, at kahit ung programa mo pa ang pag-uusapan, hindi namin ipaglalaban. Di ba pinaglalaban mo ang batas sa ang probinsyano? bakit hindi ma gawin sa totoong buhay?”

Sarifa recalled that as far as he can remember, Coco Martin’s teleserye has put the image of our policemen in a bad light, and then he expects the Philippines to fight for his network? That he said is the responsibility of his company. “Pagka-aala ko, sinaraan pa ng teleserye mo ang imahe ng ating kapulisan, tapos makikipaglaban ang Pilipinas para sa network mo? It is your company’s responsibility. Wag nang maraming drama, magrenew lang ng Franchise, managot sa mga violations kung napatunayang may pag-labag, magfile ng appeal kung kinakailangan. Tapos ang usapan.”

Sarifa ended the FB post by leaving the “Ang Probinsyano” actor a memorable line that should jolt him back to reality, “Wala tayo sa probinsyano na ikaw ang bida, sa tunay na buhay, si President Duterte yun, hindi ikaw.”

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Source: Noel Sarifa


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