Netizen shares 5 brilliant reasons why peace talks with CPP NPA NDF is now dead!

A certain netizen named Edwin Jamora has taken the initiative to reply to Joma Sison’s tirades against President Duterte for ending the hopes of CPP NPA’s hope for another round of peace talks with the government.

On Facebook, Jamora pointed out the painful reality why the military will not allow the government to share power with the CPP NPA NDF.

“The military will never permit the CPP/NPA/NDF to share power with the government. To share power means you have more than 50% of the Filipinos calling to change our government to Communist Philippines. Does Joma Sison have that many followers? No!”

Jamora added another reason to support reason #1 why power sharing with the CPP NPA NDF is unrealistic.

“You have to realize that the Left partnered with the Yellows and still lost the elections disastrously! Meaning, Joma Sison’s followers do not even represent 1%, and the ones they have are Lumads, which they fooled, and the rest of the Kabataan’ who’s not thinking right. So, why would the government share power with them?”

Jamora cited another reason why the military is not amenable to power sharing and that is, the Communist ideology is the antithesis of the democratic principle where the Philippine government is anchored.

“2nd-sharing powers with the Communists are against the very soul of our government anchored on freedom, liberty, justice, and the pursuit of happiness! Does any of these core values represent Communism?! Is there freedom in Communism?! Are you allowed to pursue your Filipino Dream in a Communist Philippines? Hell no!”

Third, Jamora remarked that the Yellows won’t agree with him in public but he said the Yellows will never be amenable to a Communist state so power sharing between the government and CPP NPA NDF will have the support of the Yellows.

“3rd-The Yellows will not agree with us because we support this government but believe me, I doubt if they like to be Communist! They partnered with the Left, thinking they could oust Duterte, but they couldn’t!”

Fourth, Jamora said Filipinos won’t give up their freedom in favor a Communist state.

“4th-You know why?! Because the majority of the Filipinos want a free and democratic Philippines!”

And finally, Uncle Sam will not give his blessing.

“Finally, Uncle Sam ain’t gonna allow it!”

Jamora ended the post by leaving a message to Joma Sison and his signature line.

“Kaya enjoy your freedom in Netherlands Joma!”



Source: Edwin Jamora

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