Netizen shares sentiment of jeepney drivers; claims Roxas tarps in PUV’s is not a free choice

A post sharing the sentiment of drivers, who claimed that putting up Roxas tarps on their units is not a personal choice, has been doing the rounds online.

Pasang Masda requires drivers to put up ROxas tarps on their jeepneys

Credits to Clement Mesagrande Chiu for the photos

In a Facebook post shared 20,400 times as of Sunday afternoon, a concerned netizen named Clement Mesagrande Chiu published his conversation with the driver who claimed they were told to put up Mar Roxas tarps on their jeepneys, otherwise they might lose their means of livelihood.

In addition,the jeepney conductors were also required to wear Mar Roxas shirts as per instruction from the Pasang Masda officials.

In the post, Mr. Chiu narrated that he and her girlfriend took a jeepney bound for Trinoma. They took the vacant front seat and started a conversation about political issues in Cebuano.

The jeepney driver understood their dialect so like any Cebuano-speaking people, Mr. Driver found it irresistible not to join the conversation.

The netizen translated the conversation with the driver to Tagalog for the sake of non-Cebuano speaking netizens.

Manong: Sino presidente niyo?
Ako: Si ********** po (hindi siya ang sentro ng usapan)
Manong: ah mabuti yan, ako rin.
Ran (gf ko): e bakit po may tarp kayong roxas sa jeep niyo?
Manong: e naku wala kaming magagawa dyan. Kasi pinipilit kami ng Pasang Masda. E dapat daw maglagay kami niyang tarp. Kapag hindi kami sumunod, hindi kami pwedeng gumamit nung terminal (sa smnorth). Mawawalan kami ng trabaho.
Ako: kaya pala lahat ng jeep dun may roxas tarp. E yung uniform po nung mga kundoktor na “Kay Mar roxas na kami” ?
Manong: ah sila din walang magawa e
Ako: so hinayaan niyo nlng po? Basta iboboto niyo ang gusto niyong iboto?
Manong: ganun na nga. Ang importante e kung sino iboboto namin.

Upon reaching Trinoma, Mr. Chiu and her girlfriend said their farewell to the jeepney driver, though they forgot to ask his name.

They took note of the PUJ’s license plate but refused to disclose for security reasons.

Before ending his post, Mr. Chiu has one question for “PASANG MASDA”:

What did Mar Roxas promise to you that made you trample upon the rights of your members?

Mr. Chiu also clarified that the pictures that appeared on his post are not the actual representation of the people involved in the conversation.

It can be recalled that Pasang Masda was one of the Manila-based transport groups that endorsed the candidacy of Mar Roxas. You may check the article here from the PDI for more detailed information.

Pasang Masda is a federation of jeepney drivers and operators based in Metro Manila and nearby provinces headed by Obet Martin.

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