Netizen shares takeaways of DQ case vs Bongbong Marcos: Wala talaga silang bilib sa sarili nilang KANDIDATA

Radio host Mark Lopez took the opportunity to jeer at the Pinklawans before November 15 which he said will change the equation once again.

Basically, Lopez highlighted his several observations with regards to the Pinklawans reaction, which is to disqualify him, as they saw BBM’s momentum and strength rose before their eyes in meteoric fashion.

Lopez pointed out 3 major reasons why the Pinklawans want BBM disqualified because in a fair and square election, for sure they will end losers.

As of this writing, Lopez post has generated 8,600+ reactions, 400+ comments and 1,20+ shares and counting in just 3 hours.

Let us read some of the comments of netizens who expressed anger at the Pinklawans.

Its disgusting how they play. And knowing na they have no regards sa gusto ng tao basta maiposisyon nila ang gusto nila makes it more convincing not to let them have even a single seat in the government. May the voice of the people prevails over their smartmagic, wrote one commenter.

This netizen wasn’t surprised by the DQ case filed by the Pinklawans.

They never saw it coming! This massive support for BBM! All the while they thought that this protracted demonization of Marcos Sr. would have an effect on BBM! So much hatred! But the latter took it in stride, didn’t allow it to affect him and it did him good! Now, the opposition is scrambling here and there to further ‘destroy’ BBM because they know they don’t stand a chance shld Mayor Sara join forces w/ BBM!

#BBMSara in that order. BBM has gain momentum already. It is not wise to suddenly put Sara as president. And she, herself said, that she’s not going to run for president. So let’s not push it and let her run as VP. Running as president will divide the votes and would give chance to the opposition to gain ground.PAG NA DQ BBM SARA WILL BE THE PRESIDENT HAHAHAHAHA IYAK PINKLAWAN, remarked another netizen.

Pag confident mananalo sa National election no need pa disqualified ang kalaban Kasi alam mo sa sarili mo mananalo ka , Pero once pina didisqualified ng partido mo means alam mo Kasi matatalo ka , Kya Dapat tangalin yun kalaban, chimed in another.

You may read Mark Lopez’s original FB post below now.

Before the equation gets changed by November 15, let me just highlight this –

As Bongbong Marcos was gaining so much traction and momentum, we saw how panic-stricken the pinklawans were, that the only way they can neutralize his growing strength in acceptance and preference, is to DISQUALIFY HIM.

Iisa lang po talaga ang ibig sabihin nyan – the PINKLAWANS CANNOT STAND ON THEIR OWN MERIT and CREDIBILITY.

Ibig sabihin nyan, wala talaga silang bilib sa sarili nilang KANDIDATA.

Ibig sabihin nyan, takot talaga sila sa overwhelming tide of support and voter preference for BBM and the pro Admin candidates.



Source: Mark Lopez

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