Netizen slams Bam Aquino for stealing thunder from Duterte on newly improved MRT service?

Sen. Bam Aquino has been called credit-grabber for nothing. Proof?

Well, if the meme making the rounds online lately is not a proof that Bam Aquino is what his critics allege, I don’t know what will convince you anymore.

Credits to photo owner.

But netizen Hill de Roberts needs no further proof and slams Bam Aquino in latest Facebook post, calling the senator “angkas ng angkas”.

In anger, Roberts wants the senator banish from PH politics.

How? The senator is running for re-election and Roberts is implying that voters boycott him come election day.

Bam Aquino is what you call a Common Thief. Local vernacular will describe him as, “Angkas ng angkas lang”.

Nothing will stop him from stealing other ideas for as long as he gets the word out. He’s a typical Aquino Tarlaqueño who was brought up to own, and not own up to guilt and illegal activities.

Bam Aquino must be banished from Ph politics, unless voters will accept €5.00, or just around P500/—. Bam knows that voters can be had for a measly sum, which is a fact known to all.

For as long as Bam Aquino is allowed to behave like a Thief, which he is in every sense of the word, his ugly character will keep re-surfacing.

However, upon checking the senator’s official Facebook page, it appears there was no evidence the senator ever made the statement embedded in the meme above.

Whether this is the handiwork of his critics or not, that we will not know until the senator releases a statement in regard to the latest round of controversy generated by the viral meme.

Your thoughts?

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