Netizen slams de Lima anew: “Her kabastusan seems to know no bounds!”

A post blasting Senator Leila de Lima for badmouthing a fellow senator, Pres. Duterte during an interview on TV is making the rounds online.

Facebook user Victoria V. Ferro expressed her consternation over de Lima in reaction to her interview over ANC of ABS-CBN.

At one point in the interview, the host solicited de Lima’s reaction on the appointment of Senator Richard Gordon as her replacement as chairman of the Committee on Justice and Human Rights.

Senator de Lima said she doesn’t think Senator Gordon will do a good or thorough job of investigating the EJKs.

The tone of Senator de Lima’s statement apparently irked the netizen for having the audacity to question the integrity of Senator Gordon.

Aside from badmouthing a fellow senator, de Lima also angered the netizen for using the word “bunganga” in reference President Duterte in the interview.

Ms. Ferro castigated Senator de Lima for trying to project herself as the hapless victim here but she said this isn’t so.

Check out the full text of Ms. Ferro’s post below.

Her kabastusan seems to know no bounds. I just heard her saying in an ANC interview that she doesn’t think Senator Gordon will do a good or thorough job of investigating the EJKs. What? She’s questioning the integrity of Senator Gordon now?! In the quote below, she spews the unflattering word “bunganga” in reference to the President. She keeps saying she’s so kawawa and beleaguered but the truth is she has brought this on to herself. And as far as the image of the Philippines to the international community, her feeding of sound bites, her huge PR campaign that involved leaking timed videos to the New York Times and her fomenting juicy sensationalized false news with lovely juicy Memes seem to be the root and source of much of it! Seems to me Lola de Lima may not be THE problem, but she certainly is A problem, a BIG one.

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