Netizen slams De Lima, Aquino for abandoning Mary Jane Veloso in favor of Vhong Navarro

A post blasting Senator de Lima and President Aquino over the Mary Jane Veloso fiasco by favoring the Vhong Navarro case is making the rounds online.

Facebook user Mark Lopez accused Senator de Lima during her DOJ stint of playing favorites by giving more attention to celebrity Vhong Navarro case over that of Mary Jane Veloso on a Facebook post.

In case you don’t know, the Indonesian government acceded to the Philippine government’s request to put on hold Mary Jane Veloso’s execution because her alleged boss had been arrested, and the Philippine authorities requested Indonesian assistance in pursuing the case.

Too bad, the DOJ under de Lima sat on the Mary Jane Veloso case, lost interest and focus all the government resources behind the Vhong Navarro case.

Fast forward at present, President Duterte has been the subject of criticism from critics after it was alleged that Duterte abandoned Mary Jane Veloso by telling President Widodo of Indonesia to go ahead with the execution of the Filipina during his working visit in Jakarta lately.

Meanwhile, Malacanang disowned the said Duterte statement and clarified that what Duterte told Widodo was that he would not interfere in Indonesia’s legal processes.

However, Duterte’s critics would hear none of it and continued their attack and pilloried the President on national TV, in print media, and on social media.

This angered the Duterte supporters who wasted no time in defending the President on social media to counter the black propaganda against Duterte.

Check out his post below.

Once again Duterte is being pilloried for his supposed statement to President Widodo of Indonesia about Mary Jane Veloso.

And the people who are once again lambasting, censuring and attacking Duterte are mostly the supporters of the past administration. Yes, the same admin who gave priority to attending the case of Vhong Navarro than build up the case against Veloso’s recruiter who made her the drug mule. The DOJ back then under Leila de Lima had all the time to expedite the case of the said recruiter, which was one of the issues brought up by the Indonesian government when they stayed the execution last year.

This is what Widodo was saying to Duterte, that the fact remains that Veloso was caught with a substantial amount of illegal drug, warranting her execution. That Widodo granted the request for stay of execution when the Admin back then said they have nabbed the recruiter and will file the necessary case so that Veloso will not be solely liable for the misdeed, and perhaps be given a lighter sentence, or even be freed.

So what happened to the case of the recruiter?

Sen De Lima cannot provide a clear answer because as early as last year, she began campaigning for the senate post, and that made her very busy to even personally attend to the Veloso case.

Even assuming for the sake of argument that Widodo did hear or understood that Duterte gave the go-signal, the question is, in what context did Duterte made that alleged statement?

Isn’t it logical that PDuts would make that statement after Widodo gave him the latest developments on the case? It’s not like PDuts would just blurt out “okay go!” just like that. Widodo briefed him, and that triggered his response. Ergo, whatever translation was provided, the context was adherence to laws of the country in question.
And so it is quite amusing to read the yellow horde ranting again in social media against Duterte for stating his respect and abidance to Indonesian laws.

Mary Jane Veloso is a victim of a ruthless syndicate. That she was used to be a drug mule is really tragic and unfortunate, but she was caught and she has to face the consequence.

However, the really disgusting and absolutely abhorrent issue here is that the Philippine government had all the chance to provide Veloso with the legal and moral assistance, and they were given all the chances. But true to his apathetic nature, Benigno Simeon Aquino III and his alter ego at the Justice department couldn’t care less.

And now Duterte has to carry that burden of insensitivity and incompetence, and he is now the one being branded as the heartless leader.

Once again, hypocrisy disguised as decency, is drowning the truth.
Yellow fever rules!

Source: Mark Lopez

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