Netizen slams de Lima, Trillanes for their treacherous manner in going after Duterte’s neck!

A post castigating Senators de Lima and Trillanes for their treacherous manner in going after Pres. Duterte is making the rounds online.

Facebook user Clarence Gonzales highlighted the glaring difference how the opposing camps carry out their strategy in pinning down one another.

She said Senato’r’s de Lima and Trillanes, using her own words, are feverishly fabricating evidence against the president while Aguirre is plainly presenting evidences against the senator.

In addition, the two senators are desperately defending their false witness unlike the secretary of justice and the president who are simply allowing their evidence to speak for itself.

Lastly, the senators schemingly sidestepped protocols by hiding their witness from the senate committee till the hearing but shared him with the New York Times for an exclusive interview, and presented him without a sworn statement or affidavit. On the other hand, the present administration went through the proper procedures i.e. legal affidavits, and informed the entire HOR.

Before ending her post, netizen Clarence Gonzales left a harsh parting shot against the two senators that reads:

The duplicitous moves by the senators are a travesty to the law and to their office as legislators.

The post was posted on Tuesday and has since generated more than 964 shares on Facebook and more than 2000 wows from netizens.

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Source: Clarence Gonzales


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