Netizen slams Karen Davila for negative remarks on Twitter vs PSG after getting vaccine shots ahead of everyone else

On Twitter, Karen Davila was very happy to take a jab at the Duterte government following the admission of Malacanang that members of the Presidential Security Group have been inoculated already with the Chinese vaccine, obviously to protect its client, President Duterte.

Davila tweets: “Pag ordinaryong tao, kailangan may FDA approval. Pag sila, okay lang wala. Ano ba talaga?”

Davila’s tweet has gone viral, generating 13,000 likes and more than 1,600 retweets. A certain netizen with the handle @Catalysmic couldn’t agree more with Davila’s observation. This Twitter netizen named @paulopogz26 echoed Davila’s sentiment, describing the PSGs vaccination “entitlement” because of their close connection to President Duterte by virtue of their work. Meanwhile, Karen Davila’s tweet has a fair share of critics. This netizen said she isn’t surprised of Davila’s tweet. However, the rebuttal or the takedown of Karen Davila happened somewhere else on Facebook from a staunch Duterte supporter. Who else can give Karen Davila a strong beatdown but US-based accountant from Sorsogon, Edwin Jamora? Jamora called Davila’s position very “vague”. Why? Jamora recalled that not so long ago, Davila expressed a strong dislike for the Chinese vaccine, especially the Sinovac vaccine because it has 50% efficacy rate, and joked its has 50% parking lot possibility. Hence, Karen is against it. But wait, there’s more! Jamora recalled Davila saying people in government should get the vaccines first. Because she wants the government officials acting as guinea pigs of the vaccines. Jamora asked netizens if Davila’s comment isn’t joke because the vaccine has 50% efficacy rate, not yet approved by FDA because it is still in trial stage and then Davila is making an issue out of it? Jamora lamented that Davila failed to see the bigger picture that Malacanang has a point if only she’s thinking straight. Why? Because these are PSG personnel. They protect the President. Jamora remarked that perhaps Davila wants President Duterte exposed to the virus, hence she does not want the PCG gets vaccine shots. Jamora ended the FB post with her signature line. “Qui qui mum blueng hamag ka!”

An labo ng position ni Karen. Sabi nya dati, ayaw nila ng Chinese vaccine. Especially Sinovac kasi it has a 50%…

Posted by Edwin Jamora on Tuesday, December 29, 2020


Source: Edwin Jamora

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