Netizen slams Ombudsman Morales, calls her unfair following quick dismissal of case against government official on a whim

Is the Ombudsman fair?

This is the question posed by a Thello Dalanon on his Facebook post recently to grab the attention of the general public.

Mr. Dalanon accused Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales of practicing selective justice when he filed a case against  former BIR Chief KIM HENARES and former BIR Deputy Commissioner ESTELA SALES in the not so distant past and got an unfavorable response from the Office of the Ombudsman.

I filed Formal Complaint before the OFFICE OF THE OMBUDSMAN against former BIR Chief KIM HENARES and former BIR Deputy Commissioner ESTELA SALES, in connection with their intentional failure to either collect the P1.56-B tax deficit of PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER chair MARIXI PRIETO firm “DUNKIN’ DONUTS” or pursue tax evasion case against the company for deliberately CHEATING payment of taxes; but the Ombudsman dismissed the case despite respondents’ failure to give rejoinders to dispute all glaring and crucial issues raised in my complaint. The Ombudsman also did not require respondents to submit DD’s tax case docket and copy of its actual “protest” which are very necessary in the investigation.

He lamented that the Ombudsman did not even bother to discuss the merits of the case and cite the the law as the grounds for the dismissal.

The Ombudsman, in its dismissal resolution, did not discuss the merits of the case and did not state the facts and law upon which the conclusion given were drawn.

Netizens share the sentiment of the writer and post their comments on the Facebook thread.

Jen Mina wrote: Morales is unfair. She is serving not the mandate as ombudsman but to the dictate of the yellow ones. She will investigate D5 then she has to inhibit herself. 100 % she wont, instead she will clear D5.

Nest Reyes wrote: Conchit Carpio-Morales is indebted To Noynoy Aquino…because He Appointed her to head the Ombudsman…at the same time BLOCK those Cases filed against Noynoy…

Fred Rivera smells something fishy with the Ombudsman action and wrote: Hmmm . . . . di kaya na-partehan siya sa 1.56B vat moey na kinamkam ni dunkin donuts . . . .? . . . nagiging mapagduda na ako basta ang LP syndicate ang nasa subject . .

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