Netizen slams PEP.PH for article claiming stranded constructions workers in UP Diliman resorted to eating rats and stray cats to fight hunger?

A certain Ahmed Paglinawan has called out the entertainment news website PEP.PH for spreading fake and sensationalized news regarding the stranded construction workers inside the UP Diliman campus.

Paglinawan was reacting to the article headline of PEP.PH posted 5 days ago that reads: Stranded construction workers sa UP compound, kumain ng daga at pusang gala para pantawid-gutom. In English (for the benefit of non-Tagalog readers): Stranded construction workers inside UP compound, eat rats and stray cats to fight hunger.

Paglinawan vehemently denied the veracity of the PEP.PH article. “This report is completely false and sensationalized.”

Paglinawan remarked that as early as three weeks ago, several organizations within UP Diliman, Ateneo and other private groups have been sending daily assistance to the stranded workers.

“As early as 3 weeks ago, several organizations from within UP Diliman, the Ateneo and other private groups have already been aware of and providing daily assistance to the construction workers stranded in the UP Diliman campus.”

Paglinawan, by the tone of his voice, was speaking based on his personal knowledge in regards to the situation involving the stranded construction workers.

“Your post, which was made 5 days ago, cannot be telling the truth. For example, I know for a fact that purified drinking water has been regularly delivered to the workers, for free, by a person who owns a water purification station within the campus. Food packs have also been made available to them even before the issue with the barangay local government was reported last week.”

Paglinawan once again called the PEP.PH report as nothing but “cheap and disgusting sensationalism”.

“Your report is manifestly false and has no useful purpose other than cheap and disgusting sensationalism.”

Paglinawan ended the FB post with a vague threat to PEP.PH.

Do something about that. Or we will.

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Source: Ahmed Paglinawan

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