Netizen slams Teddy Casino for calling senate probe on red-tagging “waste of time”?

The Makabayan bloc has been heavily criticized on social media for the no-show in the senate probe on red-tagging.

Teddy Casino took to Twitter to defend his embattled pals.

On Twitter, Casino wrote:

“Why waste time being red-tagged in the Senate when you can actually do something to help people affected by #RollyPH?

Teddy Casino’s gesture of lawyering for his Leftist pals did not go unnoticed from Duterte supporters, especially from an eagle-eyed netizen named Tio Moreno.

In a Facebook post, Moreno set the tone by telling Teddy Casino what he thinks of his tweet.

“VERY WRONG, Teddy Casiño 📌”

Moreno noted that Teddy Casino and his Makabayan bloc pals are very noisy whether in social media or in the streets, protesting notwithstanding the danger posed by covid19 because they want to be heard.

“Makabayan bloc and other activist groups are so noisy on social media and on the streets protesting despite the increasing number of COVID19 cases because they want their VOICES BE HEARD.”

Moreno continued his rant, saying that these left-leaning groups have been crying to the high heavens about getting red-tagged but here comes the senate probe where they get the chance to confront and clear their names from the people whom they accused of red-tagging, they were a no-show.

“These left-leaning groups whine most of the time for the issue on red-tagging, but they did not show up when Senate panel on National Defense and Security, Peace, Unification, & Reconciliation tackled Senate Resolution No. 559 that seeks to look into red-tagging/red-baiting of certain celebrities, personalities, institutions, and organizations.”

Moreno lamented that instead of grabbing the opportunity to defend themselves, they thought a PR stunt like relief goods distribution to show they are working would be enough to convince the public of their innocence versus red tagging.

“Instead of taking advantage to the opportunity given for them to defend their ground, they DIVERTED it to relief good distribution to show that they are working. 🙄”

Moreno remarked that the senate probe snub is a big insult to the democratic ideals they pretend to fight for.

“They don’t respect the democratic space alloted to them. This is a big insult to the very own democracy that you are fighting for.”

Moreno can’t help but posed a hypothetical question regarding their innocence from the red-tagging for avoiding every opportunity to their accusers like Gen. Parladem Esperon etc.?

“If Makabayan Bloc doesn’t have an alliance to the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army (CPP-NPA) then why are they afraid to face General Parlade, Esperon, etc.?”

Moreno ended the rant by leaving Teddy Casino and pals with something to reflect on.

“No one is red-tagging you, you red-tag yourselves!”


Source: Tio Moreno

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