Netizen suggests “conspiracy” in wake of violent dispersal of protesters in US embassy. Any thoughts?

The social media is abuzz with netizens expressing shock and anger in response to the violent dispersal of protesters in front of the US embassy in Manila.

No less than Secretary Judy Taguiwalo of the DSWD, a known leftist, slammed the police in a series of tweets condemning the violent dispersal.

Dr.Antonio Contreras from De La Salle Univeristy mince no words in condemning the violent dispersal in a Facebook post and read:

Mga idiotes kayo! Itatanggi niyo pa e kitang-kita na eh. Kaya walang naniniwala na hindi niyo kayang pumatay ng drug addict sa dilim e ayan maliwanag pa ang araw e lantaran na kayong nagiging homicidal. Puñeta naman. Alam niyo nang maraming tao e parang torong sumisibasib na pinaandar ang sasakyan tapos sasabihin niyo hindi sinagasaan. Nakakakulo kayo ng dugo!

Former DILG Secretary Raffy Alunan III wants the culprit charged in court in a statement released on his Facebook account.

This is wrong assuming the video captured everything and that the whole episode was unprovoked. Maximum tolerance policy was ignored by the driver of that van.

He should be charged for attempted homicide through reckless imprudence. So many Leftist demos were previously held before the US Embassy, and possibly even more threatening, but this never happened.

Wrong is wrong, and that driver’s life was not in imminent danger to justify that murderous act. Is there footage or pictures that show the lives of the police, especially the driver, were on the line?

Meanwhile, Krizette Laureta Chu, a known Duterte supporter, believes there is something more than meets the eye. In a Facebook post, she posted an intriguing theory hatched by Duterte’s foes to erode his popularity in a prelude to oust him via a coup d’etat or an uprising.

Check out the full text of her post below:


Bayan was protesting against US interference in front of the US embassy. A policeman (fire him) decided to ram the protesters.

This to me is very, very, very interesting. This happens while our “left of center” “communist sympathizer” President is not in the country? Hmmmm…

Scenario 1: If the government chooses to punish the policeman, intrigue will be sown among the force. “Kakampihan nya ang mga komunista!” “Yan ba ang Presidente nyo? Ipapahamak kayo at kakampihan sila.”

The people who are trying to gather enough support for a coup to overthrow the President is counting on the anti-communist sentiment among police and military. How to counter Duterte’s aggressive campaign to boost the morale of frontliners? Find a way to reveal the President’s “biases” for the “other” side.
Setting the stage?

Scenario 2: If Duterte chooses to ignore the incident, and policeman gets away with slap on the wrist, intrigue will be sown among the Leftist groups, who support him. “Kakampihan ang mga abusadong pulis.” The Left, for the first time in a long time, finally finds a President who relates to them, and this rally is actually IN SUPPORT of his stand.

There is also ongoing peace talks with the NDF and the government in Norway.

The President too is busy in his work. He cannot afford to lose focus there. So, ano to, hitting two birds with one stone?

So, what do you think? Divide… and conquer? How much do you want to bet that the Opportunistic Opposition will have something to say in 3, 2, 1….

(Also, unrelated, but this is only a small preview of what could happen if anti-reformist groups try to unseat Duterte. Chaos in the streets.)

Netizen Lino Lim shows an inclination in supporting Ms. Chus’s theory and says:

If anybody whether from the militant, US Embassy or the police blames President Duterte about this incident, CONFIRMED!! Yellow movement ito !!!

Netizens Ramonnuel Blancaflor agrees with Ms. Chu:

In a longer video, the protesters trapped the policeman in the vehicle threw paint on the mirrors and tried to overturn the said vehicle before this happened, still maximum tolerance should have been practiced.
Anyway a Moro/minority interviewed seemed well versed in “aktibista” linggo, something’s fishy here.

Do you share agree with Ms. Krizette Laureta Chu? Please comment below.

Check out the video here.


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