Netizen suggests creating new Department of Interior for Bongbong Marcos in the event PET decides in his favor. What do you think?

Social media has been abuzz with RUMORS Bongbong Marcos wins his protest case filed at the PET over Leni Robredo.

However, if you asks Thinking Pinoy aka RJ Nieto, there is no TRUTH to the rumor based on his FB post yesterday.

After consulting a highly placed source in the Supreme Court, however, I found out that the Supreme Court en banc has yet to tackle the issue again. It is scheduled to deal with the case on 01 October 2019.

Besides, the Chief Justice is currently in Spain and I doubt that he will allow himself to be absent in such a very important session.

In Tagalog: “Waley pa results mga mamser.”

Despite Thinking Pinoy’s mood-dampening FB post, people on social media including Caloy Bueno, a pro-Duterte blogger, can’t stop thinking what job or role awaits Marcos post-PET decision that perfectly fits his experience under the remaining three years of PRRD.

If Bueno have his way, he wants Congress to quickly pass a special law creating a new department, whose job is to focus on the transition of all regions to become an autonomous entity prior to adopting the federal from of government.

The new department will be called Department of Interior and BBM is head, in light of his vast experience in local and national politics.

You may read Caloy Bueno’s full FB post below.

If Bongbong Marcos were to assume the Vice Presidency now, what should he do for the remainder of President Duterte’s term?

Congress should quickly pass a special law creating a new department ~ which he should head to focus on preparing all the regions of the country to become autonomously self-governing and self-sufficient economically, so that when the State adopts the federal form of government, these regions shall already be up on their feet functioning efficiently on┬átheir own, to enable the central government to make its own adjustments later a lot easier and faster…

That new department could be called the Department of the Interior ~ said special law to extensively amend the Local Government Code (as well as the existing DILG’s statutory mandate) in anticipation of the new Constitution to be made adopting the parliamentary-federal form of government. Bongbong having been a governor multiple times, a congressman and senator has the requisite experience and knowledge to feel the pulse of local governance. His progressive track record particularly in economic development and initiatives in renewable energy sourcing will be indispensable for autonomous regions to get a leg up on for their autonomous government operations…

Being the new Vice President and occupying a Cabinet position gives him the necessary clout to expedite political matters down to the local levels, while the President’s implicit trust in his ability to meet (the tight) schedules and achieve the target objectives will facilitate the completion of the groundwork for moving the country into the new era of a better-functioning government that is federated and parliamentary. And best of all, as the son of Apo Marcos, Bongbong has upon his shoulders the responsibility of realizing the vision of his father to make our country great again ~ which can only happen under the firm guidance and full support of President Duterte while still in power, because almost the entirety of the Filipino nation will back up both them in such an undertaking…

And that, ladies and gentlemen, will be the ultimate game-changer for the Republic of the Philippines…

Your comment?

Source: Caloy Bueno

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