Netizen tells Ping Lacson to forget Presidential dream following senator’s bitter criticism on President Duterte telling Americans no money, no VFA


This is the response of of a certain blogger from Cebu named Jun Abines to Ping Lacson after the senator from Cavite took a swipe at President Duterte on his social media accounts saying the Philippines is not a nation of extortionist and “mukhang pera”.

Lacson was alluding to President Duterte’s statement on the VFA telling the Americans that no payment, no VFA.

Abines noted that Lacson has been making a lot of noise lately, making comments left and right and picking fights from all sides along the way.

“Ping Lacson has been very visible and vocal lately. The man looks desperate. He engaged in issues left and right. Picking fights in all quarters.”

Abines believed Lacson’s chances of becoming President is just an illusion since his name is nowhere to be seen in the short list of winnable Presidential candidates for 2022 election.

“Ping must still have illusions to become President. Too bad, his name is nowhere to be seen in the short list of bankable Presidential candidates for 2022. His 6-year term as Senator is also about to end in 2022.”

Abines lamented that Lacson wasted his chances of becoming a Philippine president by succumbing to the temptation of amassing fortune and fame as a politician rather than legacy. good reputation and the respect of the Filipino people.

“Ping Lacson may have made fame and fortune for himself as politician. But never legacy, reputation and respect from the people. A PMAer and once a tough Police General, he ended as Trapo and defender of Communists. All in the name of greed and ambition.”

In other words, Abines remarked that Lacson sold his soul to the devil, hence he should stop his illusion of winning a Presidential election.

“Let it go Pinky. You’ve been up there long enough to make a change. But you choose to follow the coward’s path. You sold your soul to the devil. All in exchange for money and powerful allies.”

Abines asserted that all the money and allies Lacson have gathered all these years cannot buy him the Presidency, period. Why? Because money and allies are no good for an awakened electorate.

“Now the money and allies you gathered all these years cannot buy the Presidency you’ve been dreaming of. Maybe you can buy Inquirer, TV5 and GMA. But they are no good for an awakened voters.”

Abines enumerated the traits of the next President and Ping simply don’t have it.

“We need a President with integrity, courage and love for his country. You don’t have it Ping.”

Lastly, Abines warned Lacson from comparing himself to Duterte because the latter have this while Ping doesn’t.

“And don’t you dare compare yourself to Digong. The man has BALLS. You don’t. Digong can also kick big asses, even Uncle Sam’s. And you? Oh youre only good at licking someone’s *ss!”

LET IT GO PING Ping Lacson has been very visible and vocal lately. The man looks desperate. He engaged in issues left…

Posted by Jun Abines on Sunday, February 14, 2021


Source: Jun Abines

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