Concerned netizen tells PNP: Next time, isama sa operation ang CHR, ICC, HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH

Before the resumption of the war on drugs campaign, PNP Chief Bato invited CBCP to send priests observers of the Oplan Tokhang Reloaded.

However, the CBCP quickly shut down the invitation, thus ending what looked like a nice proposition from the Duterte administration.

On the day Oplan Tokhang was relaunched, nine suspected drug pushers were killed in province-wise police operation in Bulacan.

The killing of the 9 drug suspects give the critics the reason to to attack Duterte’s war on drugs campaign.

Five days before Oplan Tokhang resumed, the CHR released a statement expressing their opposition to Duterte’s war on drugs campaign.

“It should not continue because it has caused thousands to be killed without due process, and many innocents have perished in the course of the campaign,” the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) said in a statement.[ABS-CBN]

The CHR and the church opposing stance elicited a response from a Duterte blogger nicknamed ‘Fiery Krizette’.

Check out her post below.

Sabi na nga ba. lf the Catholic Church really has concern for the drug lords/drug addicts, sumama naman kayo!

Tingnan niyo naman kung anong nangyayari! Ayaw din naman namin may mamatay. Consider it your mission:

Sabi nga di ba, mission nyo to bring the lost sheep back into the fold.

Kung mag rereklamo kayo, be sure nag rereklamo kayo coming from a place of information, hindi kuda. Your complaint is only legit if, having seen how it is done, you know the system does not work.

Next time, isama sa operation ang CHR, ICC, HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH.
Ang hindi sumama, walang karapatang mag reklamo.

Let us check how social media reacts via the comment’s section.

Laurenti Ry commented: “yng cbcp… epal lang yan. magrereklamo para maka kuha ng audience… nung inimbitahan… kabig na bigla. they want tokhang to fail… para mas marami magalit… at may rason silang manghikayat mag rally o mag aklas.”

Adacnom Sarad Ylu remarked: “Tama..!!kailangan may actual knowledge ka..hindi puro nlng hearsay nlng..sometimes we respond to wat we heard,seen but not to wat we understand..yan ang mga paring paranoid..😠😠😠😠😠!!!”

Greg Anthony Lim Gatillo said: “Hypocrisy of CBCP. Always have something to comment as if they care but when invited, they say there’s no need as long as there are measures in placed to guarantee EJKs from not happening. They could have helped in pacifying the situation by being on the frontline.”

Anne Penaso commented: “These hypocrites hiding in their cloak are scared as shit to perform what they are supposed to do. “For as long as there is no killing” daw okey sila, bunch of useless and pretentious fools. They could not even preach the “good message” for free, it always comes with a fee. Based on personal experience, a thanksgiving mass requires you to pay 2,500 plus offerings. No idea kung tumaas na kasabay sa pagtaas ng presyo ng gasolina, pamasahe at kuryente tsk…tsk…”

Vai No Will Jims remarked: “SUMAMA NA KASI KAU CBCP, CHR AT HRW atpb…”

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