Netizen to Dolomite Beach critics: You cannot take away from common Filipinos the gratefulness & the pride of the new Manila Bay

A video of an old man who was reduced to tears after witnessing for the first time in his life a clean and beautiful Manila Bay has inspired Manila Bulletin writer to throw shade at critics of the Manila Bay Rehabilitation.

On Facebook, Chu joked that perhaps the critics can now claim Manila Bay Dolomite Beach because it is a success. And, they can also have the limelight now since Filipinos are crying tears of joy because they thought a clean Manila Bay is just a dream.

Chu commented that perhaps the grandpa has never been out of the country so upon seeing in his own eyes the transformation of Manila Bay, he can’t stop himself from crying.

Chu added that no matter what the wokes say about the dolomite beach, they cannot take away from ordinary Filipinos the gratefulness and sense of pride of the new Manila Bay.

Chu ended the brief FB post joking about the critics to hold a meeting for the spin on how to grab credit from Duterte admin.

You may read Chu’s original FB post below.

Pwede nyo na siguro angkinin kasi success na e. Pwede na siguro kayo na naman ang starring kasi naiiyak na ang mga tao.

This Lolo who has probably never been out of the country is reduced to tears over being given this sight to see.

Anuman ang sabihin ng mga pa woke about the dolomite beach, you cannot take away from common Filipinos the gratefulness and the pride of the new Manila Bay.

O sya, meeting na for the spin on how to make it a credit to you.

Chu’s FB post has generated positive reactions and comments from netizens. As of this writing, Chu’s post has generated 3,000+ reactions, 465 shares and 124 comments in 7 hours and counting.

These people sometimes doesn’t get a chance to go in clean beaches, most of them are those who cant afford to travel far, what PRRD did was for everyone to experience a beach, a clean beach even if we are in Manila ,this is the real change, love and care, for the environment and countrymen, explained one netizen.

Naiiyak ako dito. Ang ganda na ng Manila Bay. Please huwag na balahurain iyan. Sa mga hindi kaya magtravel, kahit papaano mayroon sila mapapasyalan maliban sa Mall, commented another.

Excited po kaming mga ofw na makauwi sa pinas makita namin ang mga pagbabago gawa ng present admin, cguro maiyak din ako kagaya ni lolo mahal po namin ang pinas kahit nasa malayo po kami ngayon and theres no place like home po. Nakakatouch po panuorin ang saya ng mga ordinaryong pilipino na kagaya ko po. Salute to you tatay Digs and to your ever hardworking team, for your undying love for the philippines and its people🥰💋 chimed in a grateful OFW.


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