Netizen to ex-PNoy amid jabs at SEA Games cauldron: ‘Sir you don’t have the single right to question the P50-million Cauldron we Filipinos will be proud of.’

Former President Noynoy Aquino took a jab at the SEA Games cauldron by saying to the effect he could have done better if he was the President to that effect.

“We could have built a cheaper SEA Games cauldron,” screams the PhilStar headline.

The former President’s veiled criticism did not make a lot of DDS very please, including Noel Landero Sarifa, an unknown blogger who has found success by churning out one viral post after the other by defending President Duterte in almost all issues that the Opposition throws at the administration.

In his latest FB post, Sarifa was figuratively rolling his eyes while listening to PNoy pontificate to the public on the SEA Games cauldron issue.

Sarifa remarked that the ex-President have no right to question the P50-million SEA Games Cauldron we Filipinos will be proud of.

Do you know why?

According to Sarifa, the ex-President’s administration has been tagged to be the most corrupt in history.

Sarifa supported his argument by citing the various anomalies attributed by critics to the previous administration like the overpriced Yolanda bunk houses, the P50-million PDAF to each senators to convict ex-SC Justice Renato Corona, the P10-million Luneta flag pole, the billion-peso Malampaya funds lost to PDAF etc..

You may read the original article below.

With due respect Mr. EX President we would love to spend the 50 Million of our hardly earned money to a cauldron that we can be proud off than on how you spend our hard earned taxes.

Yes you could have spend less for a Coco Lumber Bunk house for Yolanda victims from Trillions of Pesos of foreign aid, but no sir you spend 800K each unit, but Duterte our President was able to spend 160K only for a single detached house made of galvanized steel, more decent and humane. Where did the rest of the foreign aid fund go?

You could have spent less on a flagpole but you spend 10Million Pesos, We could have a a jacuzzi and a suana for a P295.86 million, but you built a unfinished “three-in-one” toilet.

You could have bought a brand new Chopper for 1.2Billion Pesos but NO,you pushed for a refurbished one, that crashed and cost the lives of our soldiers.

You could have stopped China from building and reclaiming in west Philippines seas, but NO you didn’t and that cost us our islands and now your cohorts blames Duterte for it.

We could have build thousands of classrooms or even an athletic stadium or a City just like what Duterte Built in Clark for 1Trillion Pesos PDAF and DAP abused public funds, where did all our money go to?

We could have Build more classrooms and send more children to schools with the 50Million you gave to each Senators for each convict-Corona vote.( Yet with 50Million Cauldron for a sea games you find it wasteful? How many 50 Millions did you waste?)

We could have build more roads and bridges with Billions of Malampaya Funds that are lost to non-government organizations and nowhere to be found.

You could have send back ups to SAF 44 to prevent their massacre, but no, YOU LET THEM DIE!

You could have shot your mouth sir, so this will not back fire on you, but no you didn’t. You might have been our Previous President, but your administration is tagged to be the most corrupt in history, Sir, No Sir you don’t have the single right to question the 50 Million Cauldron we Filipinos will be proud of.


Noel Landero Sarifa

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