Netizen to Kris Aquino: Pls attend more rallies and remind people that Leni will continue Noy’s legacy

In one of her FB posts, Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu focused the spotlight on Kiko Pangilinan’s contorted face while watching Kris Aquino stole the thunder from Leni-Kiko tandem when they visited Tarlac City recently.

Chu said the Kiko’s face (check the pic below for context) was the face of a man who just realized that Kris’ presence in their rally demolished their very carefully constructed Pink-is-not-Yellow narrative that took them months to build and in a just a few minutes, it was flushed down the drain.

Chu, in a sarcastic tone, egged Kris to attend more rallies and continue talking about Leni continuing PNoy’s legacy and for added effect, saying Leni shared PNoy’s vision and will champion Liberal Party’s mission if elected.

Chu ended the brief FB post by urging netizens not fool themselves with the notion that Pinks and Yellows aren’t one and the same because they are.

Chu’s post is quite popular among netizens, generating 9,994 reactions, 679 comments and 950 shares in 7 hours and counting.

Kiko’s face.

When Kris undos in one night the very carefully constructed Pink-is-not-Yellow narrative “independent” candidates Leni Robredo and Kiko Pangilinan with “independent” campaign manager Bam Aquino have worked hard on for months.

Millions of pesos of pink paraphernalia flushed down the drain as Kris waxes nostalgic about how Pnoy saw in Leni the continuity of the Liberal Party.

Kris, pls attend more rallies and remind people that Leni will continue Noy’s legacy and he wrote pa a letter to her before his death, for maximum effect, saying Leni shared his vision and will continue the mission of the Liberal Party.

YELLOW IS PINK. PINK IS YELLOW. Let’s not fool ourselves 🙂



Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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